Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A nice day again.

Today I spent 30 Euros of the last 40 Euros in my bank account to upgrade the glasses I had bought last December and that I wasn't happy with at all. Well, a woman is allowed to change her mind and I picked those glasses when I was clearly not in my right one.

I was so unhappy with them that I never wore them, which is really bad when you consider that the one lens is -3. I had a warranty on my glasses which stated that within a year of buying them, I could trade them in for another pair, but I had already done that once and I didn't think they would let me do it again.

I called the store and said that I had seen a pair of glasses that were more expensive and that the lenses of my old glasses were big enough to be made to fit in them. Well, under those circumstances, I was allowed to trade up.

So I hopped on my funky bike and rode it downtown and picked the new glasses out and arranged for the old lenses to be put in them. Luckily, this wasn't going to take too long, so I had about an hour to amuse myself in town.

I went to the Our Dear Lady Square and sat at a table there all by myself in the dappled sunshine and ordered a hot chocolate with whipped cream that also came with a cookie. I figured I needed to treat myself to something nice. I do love sitting in a crowd all by myself and secretly watch all the people while I have my beverage and smoke my cigarette.

I ladled the whipped cream out of the hot chocolate and it was delicious and then drank the rest carefully, because it was really hot. In the meantime, I was watching everything that was going on around me and heard many languages spoken and saw all sorts of people, skinny and fat, ugly and pretty, old and young and thought all my thoughts about them.

When I still had half an hour to go, I ordered a diet coke and smoked my last two cigarettes. While I was there, the waiters dropped two glasses and one plate, all by moving too fast. So that adds up.

Then I made my way down the narrow cobbled street where Specsavers is to pick up my glasses. The men handed them to me to try them on and when I did, I thought, "Woa, that man has a big weird head!" It was my eyes adjusting to the strength of the glasses, which I was not used to anymore.

When I walked out of the store, I thought I was going to be seasick for the first few minutes if I looked at anything 6 feet away from me. That feeling passed after awhile and when I got to my bike, my eyes had adjusted and things looked normal, but a hell of a lot clearer and brighter.

There was a large mirror in the store that I had looked in and I had gotten a good look at my hair and saw that it was a mess, which I had not noticed before, because my eyes are bad for distance as well as for close up. So the first thing I did when I got home, was turn the bathroom faucet on and wash my hair so that I would not look ridiculous anymore.

These glasses don't help me with reading small print, but they do help me behind the computer and I can see things very well. I still need my reading glasses when reading the mail or books.

So, then the outer doorbell rang and I went to see who it was and the front door blew closed behind me and I was locked out of my apartment. I had to walk to my sister's house to get the spare keys and I got there just at the point that she was leaving. One minute later and she would have been gone, so I guess I got really lucky.

You know what? I think these tranquilizers really act as downers. I had forgotten to take them at noontime and I felt full of energy, but I took them at 6 pm and now I'm feeling a lot more flat. I think I want to talk to my SPN and my psychiatrist about cutting down on them and eliminating them completely after a while. That will be a new goal, but I won't do it on my own. I've learned my lesson well.

Okay, that's it for now. I've told you my adventure about the glasses that I will keep wearing from now on, because they help me see better and if I have good hair. Oh yes, this morning I weighed 94.4 kilos. Slowly but surely. My one miniskirt is now a size too big on me.



Elesje said...

Wat heb je dat goed opgelost met je bril. Er zal wel een wereld voor je open gaan nu je alles veel beter ziet.
Wat betreft je haren: je zag er vandaag mooi en verzorgt uit bij de therapie.
Tot vrijdag...

Frances said...

Yay in so many ways.
You are sounding in the balance again.
good idea about the tranqs with support. After all if you can do without them when you are okay, they are there when you need extra cushioning.

Lane said...

So you have SpecSavers in Holland too. Their after care service is pretty good so I'm glad you've got a pair you're happy with.

Your comment about thinking the man had a 'big weird head' made me laugh. I was just the same when I finally got the right prescription:-)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it an odd feeling as your eyes are adjusting to a new prescription! When I got mono-vision contacts a number of years ago (one contact is for distance, the other is for close-up), I had that seasick feeling too, but fortunately it didn't last long. I still get it whenever I put my old glasses on - so I just don't put them on. Once the contacts are out, I either squint or go to bed!

Around My Kitchen Table said...

Your post reminded me of an old aunt of mine who after getting new glasses long after she really needed them, complained that there was something wrong with them because they made her hands and arms look as if they covered in brown spots!

John said...

So you can shop for both of us...I posted no commute pics the on Tuesday, mum.

New glasses take a bit of time.

John said...

So you can shop for both of us...I posted no commute pics the on Tuesday, mum.

New glasses take a bit of time.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee. I'm so glad you can see now, especially when the scales are being so good. Well done hon. I can't imagine what it's been like without them. I'm only -25 in both eyes and feel lost without my contact lenses. When I'm tired though I like the world to like softened and fuzzy so I don't mind taking them out then. :D

The Gossamer Woman said...

Kitchen table - It's true, I notice things about my features and hair that I'm not that thrilled about, although some of these things can be helped with a little bit of hairspray and cosmetics. I'm not as young as I thought I was!

Takes a good pair of glasses to shatter your last set of illusions when you're middle aged. Of course, everybody else had seen these things. I was the last person to know. Just like your aunt.

It would truly be better if we would all wear a pair of fuzzy pink colored sunglasses. We would all look so good.

Babaloo said...

I had to laugh at the guy with the big head! :-) So glad you got good glasses now because the world looks so much better with the right lenses!

Have a lovely Friday, Irene!

Maureen said...

Wow, congrats on the continued weight loss! I wish I were as good as you. I know I need to lose weight, and at work it's easy to eat less, but darn it all, I just finished off a half dozen small chocolate cranberries as I sit here this evening... I am so bad.

Oh, and I hate getting used to new glasses! I too get nauseous for the first while...