Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nice hot decaf.

I just woke up from a nap on the sofa that I started to take while I watched the last little bit of the news, so I can honestly say that I'm informed again. The last thing I saw was the weatherman pointing to the temperatures tomorrow, which will differ quite a bit from those of today, although our mailman was an optimist and wore short sleeves, but he is hardy and almost always does, even when that awful hailstorm hit us.

I must remember to take my naps on time and not wait so long. It would be better if I took one right when I got home in the afternoon, but I'm too stubborn to go lie down then and think I should do half a dozen other things, none of which are really important when you get down to it. I keep going until I look cross eyed from exhaustion and have to drag my body over to the sofa for a good bit of sleep.

Someone told me today that it's all the medication I take that makes me so tired and maybe that is true. Fact remains, I have to take it and I guess I can blame it on the tranquilizers that I still take and that the psychiatrist wants to wean me off in the future.

So, now I'm awake again, sort of, and I'm drinking a mug of decaf, but frankly, it isn't doing much for me, so I think I will have some regular coffee next, or some coke, that may do the job as well. I need some caffeine, because I'm yawning something awful.

I had the other creative therapy today, the one in which I make the doodles. Well, the doodles are done now and I remembered to take some pictures of the last two and here they are:

Our regular therapist was on vacation so we had a stand in, one of the male therapists who happens to be handsome in a very rugged way. He has blond hair and blue eyes and is quite handsome. He came and sat next to me while I was working on my last doodle and let me tell you, I am very much a full blooded heterosexual female, because I wanted to pull that man right into my bed. I lusted after him with my whole being. I felt it radiating right off me like an aura and I thought for sure that he was going to notice something.

I didn't do anything, though. I kept right on working on my doodle with my head bent over the paper. I didn't think flirting was in order. I was happy for the feeling. I didn't think I had it in me anymore.

Anyway. After my last doodle was done in the afternoon session, I started to paint. I picked out an abstract postcard and a large piece of paper and acrylic paints and started in the middle of the page. Some colors I have to blend, and, as this is the first time I'm doing a painting, I have to guess at what I'm doing and so far I'm guessing right.

For the afternoon session we had a different therapist and she was fussy and forgetful. She wanted to be involved in every aspect of what you were doing, but then forgot to follow up on what she was going to do for you, so I decided not to depend on her for help and figure things out for myself. If I did need her to do something for me, I guided her through the process, like you would a child.

Jesker was behind the front door again when I came home. I guess he wants to "hear" when I come home. He's asleep there, because he scrambles to his feet when I push the door open. Gandhi is always there too, but I know she can hear me come home.

Well now people, I have to go to bed. Tomorrow I have ergo therapy and I have to get up at 7 am. Oh, this morning I weighed 94.6 kilos. I've lost more than 5 kilos now.



Breakfast in California said...

I hope you frame your doodles, I think they're wonderful!! Remind me a bit of Henri Rousseau's stylized foliages. Have fun painting. I think it's a great occupation, although I find acrylics a bit difficult because they tend to dry darker.

SugarCain said...

You gave me a laugh today, that part about the rugged substitute. :)

Anonymous said...

Those doodles of yours are totally fabulous! You are immensely artistic and you should be making huge amounts of money with all the terrific art you produce! Of course, then it becomes a job and I'm sure it's not nearly as fun any more, but still. And I had a giggle about your "radiating lust" - I may have to use that expression myself someday!

Gail said...

A doodle and almost a dabble! What a fun day.

Your art is as enlightening as your words.

Inspire me, I need the help.

Maggie May said...

You are very talented, Irene because those doodles are really detailed drawings! Well worth framing!
I am getting into sleeping in front of the TV too and it is usually when I really want to watch something badly! I get quite cross with my self and that is without tranquillizers so I cannot blame medication!

jeannette stgermain said...

Your doodles are intricate artworks!!! Yes, like your first comment, I hope you frame it! Glad you showed them to us:)

rosiero said...

Just popped by. Those doodles are amazing. Seriously, you are talented.

Frances said...

ooh lust - excellent. It should never die.
I remember many years ago, when I was still quite young, hearing some old ladies in their 70s who were in a keep fit class talking about tv and they were discussing Magnum. One of them said about Tom Selleck, "Oh well, I wouldn't be sorry if I was checking under the bed and found him there..."
LOLLLL - long may it continue. It may explain those lively feverish doodles. LOL excellent work. What a natural artist you are.

aims said...

First off - I'm jealous. 5 kilos?! That's fantastic Irene!

Second off - I'm jealous. Those are doodles? Your artistic abilities shame me my friend.

Third off - he came and sat beside you and you kept your head down? I couldn't do that - ever! I think you've still 'got it' Irene. I do.

Wisewebwoman said...

it's good to know that Sensual Irene is alive and well, now and again we need a jolt of 'what have we got here then?'
Your artwork is amazing, my dear.
Frame it. That's an order.

Grit said...

those doodles are fantastic! i'm showing them to the gritlets to inspire them! thank you!

John said...

I realy like your doodles - can you make some that look like you are in a subway or on a train in long island?

Maureen said...

Wow, wow, wow! I love your artwork! When you said doodles, I didn't imagine them being this big or intricate! Those are wonderful! You really have a talent.

You are doing so much artwork; I must make more time to do more. Lately I got myself a Moleskine book, some colored pencils, and made a case for them all to carry around in my purse. So far I have done two pages in it. I hope one day I will fill it and go on to another book. If you search Moleskine, you'll see what I mean...