Saturday, June 06, 2009

Je n'ai pas d'argent....

I still weigh 96.8 kilos, so other then losing that one extra ounce, nothing interesting has happened in that area of my life. Isn't that a shame?


I saw my GP about my little toe in February and it had been bothering me a few months before that already. That's 4 months ago since I saw him and there has been no improvement, so I guess I better go see him again.

For the record, I wear all sorts of shoes and boots and always flat ones and none seem to feel good, not even my slippers.


The radio alarm clock woke me up this morning, but only after it had been on for 30 minutes. I didn't have it tuned to the station well enough and I didn't have the sound turned up high enough. So all I got was some vague noise that I slept through at first. I'll have to try again tomorrow morning.


Because I am eating so frugally, I don't have to go grocery shopping today like I normally would have for the weekends. I even still have six liters of milk left now that I'm not eating all that porridge anymore. That is unheard of. The things that I eat and drink last a long time. I've still got more than two liters of multi vitamin juice and there's no end to the raisin bread. I did finish all the mackerel and that is a shame, so I'll have to buy more of it the next time. I tell you, that is a real treat and it's a shame that it's relatively expensive or I would stock up on it. I could hold up the store and tell them, "Give me all your mackerel in tomato sauce!" No, that would be a bad idea. It's too bulky to make a quick get away. I better rob a bank.


I'm facing the prospect of having to vacuum the apartment today. I am going to have to gather all my courage to do it, and I'll have to mop the bathroom floor. Yikes! Tell me it's easy, tell me it's no big deal at all. Tell me it won't defeat me. Tell me the extra tranquilizers will help.

I used to be such a hausfrau in my other life. Always so industrious and clean. Forever mopping floors and dusting furniture and rearranging things if I felt like it. It all seemed so easy then. It felt as if when I had that under control, all was right with the world. Clean house, clean laundry, clean car.


I ma very much leaning to the left again. I noticed it in the bus yesterday too. There was a little old lady sitting beside me and I practically leaned all over her and had to make an effort not to. Now, in this chair, I am constantly crooked. And have to sit straight up again every thirty seconds. You'd think the arm rest would stop me, but it doesn't. I just lean over it. It would make a great title to a novel, "The woman who leaned to the left." You can interpret that any which way. Politically, socially, physically, sexually...


It's time to call it quits. I must do things. I have to get dressed first and walk the animal who is patiently sleeping on his blanket.

Have a good day, y'all.



Frances said...

try a food diary. Lists are a good way of controlling eating.
If you plan what you are going to have and leave some space for goodies, dieting is easier. Do you count calories?
Sorry about the leaning. What did your SPN say about the meds?

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Some days it takes every thing I have to clean the house.Thank you for the kind comment you left.
I hope you have a beautiful day.
love nita

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Hi Irene, I can honestly say I've never slept through the alarm - I'm such a light sleeper.

I love the picture of Mrs Mop! And you've change your blog page too. Lovely.

CJ xx

laurie said...

this post made me laugh. "give me all your mackeral in tomato sauce!" i love it.

vacuuming and mopping are NO BIG DEAL. turn up the music. reward yourself afterward with a nice creamy mug of senseo.

do one, have a cuppa, then do the other. don't overload yourself.

be kind to yourself.

Maggie May said...

Do you like tinned pilchards? They are quite cheap here. You could keep some spares in the cupboard.

It is like winter again here. Wrap up & sleep tight! X

pinklea said...

I like the altered look of your home page too - clean and uncluttered. Like you are trying to do with your appartement. I mean, apartment. (I always spell that in French. It just looks better. Thought you needed to know about that little quirk of mine.) Anyway, yes, cleaning requires a certain mindset. Some days you have it, some days you don't (and if you're me, you cajole your daughter into running the vaccuum around the house and then you praise her even if she does a half-assed job because you want her to do it again sometime!).