Monday, June 29, 2009

At the end of the afternoon...

...I drink a mug of coffee to clear the cobwebs out of my head, but why are they there, you ask? I don't know! They just accumulate there after I've done a lot of things behind the computer, so it must be from sitting in one position too long that the mental spiders take the opportunity to spin their webs. So, quick, I must pour in some coffee to clear my mind and shake myself free of those raggedy threads that accumulate dust and forgetfulness.

I was busier at the beginning of the afternoon when I cleaned up the living room and the kitchen and did the dishes and a load of laundry and almost dusted everything, but came to my senses at the last minute and went to the drugstore instead.

I bought a new mascara, because the old one was damn near empty and did hardly anything for my lashes at all, but just elongate them a little bit to not make me look completely naked eyed, but it was a lot of hard work to get them to that point and then you do realize that you're fighting a battle and that you need to throw that mascara away and buy a nice new one. Which I did and it will make my lashes long and lush and it is waterproof, it said so on the package and I always believe what it says on the package, don't you?

I also bought myself a new jar of styling wax, because when I was at the hairdresser, I realized that her wax was a totally different consistency than the wax I had at home and she was getting such nice results with her wax, whereas I was getting crummy results with my wax, which I realized then was to thick and sticky. I just had the wrong wax. So I went to the shelf with hair products and opened each jar of hair wax until I found the right one with the right consistency and I didn't look at the price, I just put it in my basket.

Then I did a daring deed and went to the perfumes and eau de colognes and picked one out that was not too expensive, but that smelled nice enough, because I am totally out of any kind of nice smelling product at all, except for my deodorant and, since I'm a woman in heart and soul, I want to smell nice and attractive. I bought some Gabriela Sabatini and hope to God that the scent lasts all day and that I don't have to keep applying it every time I turn around.

Last, but not least, I bought some toe slippers and finally my little toe is not squeezed into a shoe anymore and it is very happy to be out in the open. Luckily, the weather is going to be very nice this week and I'll be able to wear them a lot and I'm thinking of investing in another dressier pair for when I go out, as they can be had quite cheaply all over the place. I saw a little store that sells them right around the corner. So, I must go there tomorrow and invest in a pair, but that will be all the shopping I'll do for myself.

So, as they say, it's the little things that must make you happy and they did indeed. It took quite a bit of courage to spend this money on myself, because right now I have a non spending policy, but it was necessary. As it is, I'm not going to be buying any plants for the pots outside, because despite the Exfactor's efforts at fixing my bike, it is worse than ever and I'm going to be needing a new back wheel, so I'll be spending the money on that instead. I have to make choices and my bike is more important than plants in pots, no matter how pretty.

The Exfactor is on a motorcycle trip to France right now with the Paramount and should be back by the weekend. They are camping and carrying all their gear with them. You can see that they are well suited for each other, because that's not the kind of trip that would have made me happy. I'm more of a luxury animal and like Bed & Breakfasts or little hotels. And traveling by car or train. I never did take to riding on the back of the motorcycle and found it a very primitive form of transport and mighty uncomfortable and I was very embarrassed about the whole thing at first.

Well, now I've got to take Jesker for a walk and have something to eat.

I hope you all had a nice day and that you will have an equally good evening.



aims said...

The little slipper sound like just the trick Irene.

While out at my brother's this weekend I broke my little toe. Such a nuisance and painful. Crap. Now I'm hobbling like a fool....

Frances said...

I wear flipflops all summer. toes need air and sunshine, I think.

Maggie May said...

I've been in open sandals for a while now.

Gail said...

Flip flops or barefooted is the way I stay.

We all need a little treat now and then. Glad you did it.

Breakfast in California said...

I was going to send you that photo but I'm not sure what your e-mail is now. Please send me a note so I can reply. Thanks.

Tessa said...

LOVED reading your six sentence stories - my god, lady, you sure can write!

I can tell from your posts that you're feeling well and quite happy. In fact, I've been giggling like a crazy one because I find your 'straight face' funny comments very funny indeed.

'...came to my senses at the last minute and went to the drugstore instead' and 'it said so on the package and I always believe what it say on the package, don't you?'

And many more hysterically funny comments to add to those examples! You should be a stand-up, Irene, you'd have them rocking in the aisles.

Hope you're going to post some pictures of your pen and ink doodles - I, for one, would love to see them.

xxoo Tessa

Wisewebwoman said...

Do you mean flip-flops Irene, toe slippers such a better description!!
I'm like you, a Holiday Inn woman or better yet B&Bs I just hated camping tried so many times but hated it. I still have this fantasy though of hiking off into the bush with a tent on my back. brave New Woman all decked out in a Tilley Hat trekking to far off lands.
I'd run looking for my mother at the first sighting of a snake.

Maureen said...

Yikes, I can't imagine travelling by motorbike either.

I'll take my car and a nice hotel room thanks.