Monday, June 22, 2009

The wee hours.

For some reason, I have been up since the wee hours of the night and I've heard the birds greet the early morning and watched it become dawn. That made me happy, to see the first signs of daylight, as it signaled the end of the night and made my presence here more legitimate because people are only supposed to be up in something that resembles the early morning, no matter what time it is on the Northern hemisphere.

The dog took the opportunity to start the day early too, once he realized I was up, and had to do numerous piddles out back. Then he decided he was hungry and started to eat the cat food, but I got him to stop that by giving him a bowl of his new dog kibbles and he vacuumed those up.It was just like that, like he was an elephant with a long trunk sucking up the kibbles and then they were gone.Then he ate all the cat food anyway. I sat here in resignation. So did Toby.

It's going to be a partially cloudy day today with the temperature around 18 degrees C. I already know what I am going to wear, the same thing I did yesterday, because it was comfortable and pretty, although I may change the cardigan for a different one and the leggings for gray ones that match the gray dots in the dress. I always have to color co-ordinate.It's the sign of a well turned out woman.

It's creative therapy morning and I'm going to work on my doodle in a circle and not do a sculpture, because I could not find any I wanted to make. I would google some, but the printer is almost out of ink and I can't print the image if I find one. That is one thing I will do, is get the cartridge refilled right at the computer store around the corner. Life is so full of expenses.

Anyway, I don't mind doodling, because it will put me in a different part of the studio where some interesting women hang out and I like to watch them work, One of them is making fantastic artworks with oil pastels and paints and inks and the one she's working on now is going to be wonderful. It's a pleasure to see it and to see her absorbed in the work.

This doodle I'm making I'm going to color with ink also as an experiment to see how it will look. I am going to allow myself to make mistakes and have it turn into a flop and start all over again if I want to.

This afternoon, I will get serious about the mail and about sweeping the floors and dusting the apartment. More dedication can not be expected of me. I have four cups and a mug and two glasses and some utensils to wash, it's not worth the dish washing liquid.

I have bought some wonderful low sugar strawberry jam that tastes very good on muesli bread and is a real treat. I allow myself one slice of it a day. I am going to have some for breakfast shortly. That and a glass of juice are a good start to the day. Maybe I won't want to have so many cookies at therapy, where they call me the Cookie Monster.

I weighed 93.4 kilos this morning, so I have lost 6.5 kilos, that's a little more than 14 lbs. I am steadily going downwards. It's very encouraging to see less ounces every day, but I see it especially in my face which has gotten thinner.

One of these days, I'll get myself all fixed up and take many pictures of me with glasses on and pick out the best one and post it. That will be my new profile picture. I had to get used to me in these glasses first. I am used to them by now and am willing to show you.

Well, I'll write more later today when I'm done getting through everything. It will be a good day, except for the unknown contents of the mail.

Have a good day, you all.



Maggie May said...

Glad your weight is spiralling downwards Irene.
I daren't get on the scales. Had a few lapses this weekend.

Looking forward to seeing your doodles and your glasses when you get the new printer ink!

Have a good day. Seems a bit dull out there today.Hope the weather perks up! X

Babaloo said...

Hope the mail doesn't contain any nasty surprises.

It's great that you're losing weight steadily.

Have a good day doodling and cleaning up the apartment! (Monday is also cleaning day for me, so I'll have to get onto that soon. Sigh.)

Frances said...

Wow - that weight is flooding off you. Incredible. you must either be being very active, or starving yourself.
look after your health, dear one.

Tessa said...

Aaah, I understand. The Green Stone Woman. So poignant, almost unbearably beautiful, that post about walking and talking with your son. I wonder if it means that you are healing a little bit now? I do hope that is so.

Doodling is a wonderfully dreamy occupation...and it is always so surprising to see the final outcome, don't you think? Surprising and often quite exciting, too.

John said...

Art class sounds great.

Piddle and doodle all in one post.

John said...

Art class sounds great.

Piddle and doodle all in one post.

SugarCain said...

What a very nice photo, Irene. I almost don't notice the glasses, and that small smile makes you look like a woman with an enjoyable secret.

Wisewebwoman said...

I love the glasses Irene, hope the art class went well.
Here it rains but I love it. I've always been partial to rain and being cosy indoors. Must make myself a crock pot stew for evening.

Maureen said...

Ah yes, our dog would eat all the cat food as well, so we keep their bowls up out of her reach. "Vacuuming" is the perfect description of how dogs eat...