Saturday, June 27, 2009


This morning I got up before the alarm clock even had a chance to go off. I had slept a lot on the sofa last night while attempting to watch TV. I tried to watch several programs, but spent nearly the whole evening in a sound slumber and when I woke up from it, I took my medicines and went straight to bed. My wonderful bed that I can't get enough of in my cozy, as yet unpainted, bedroom.

Luckily, although I was somewhat comatose when I woke up, I did have the wherewithal to get on the bathroom scale and weigh myself, which I always do first thing in the morning before I've had my coffee, and with my lightweight pajamas on. I weighed 92.6 kilos, so now I've lost more than 7 kilos. A big congratulations to myself is in order here, because now I'm at the halfway mark and have 7 kilos left to lose.

After that, I'm going to pretty much keep eating the way I am now, so we'll see what happens. I may add something like low fat yogurt or cottage cheese with pine apple or some other treat. I'll see. The thing is to keep eating nutritious and responsible and not eat empty calories or calories that are packed with sugars or fat.

The reason I got up early, was to get to the supermarket on time, so after I was awake sufficiently, I got dressed and walked Jesker and then made a shopping list, which pretty much looks the same every week, give or take a few items. Mentally, I walk through the store and make my list accordingly, so one item will follow the other in the right order.

I got on my extremely funky bike, which now sounds as if it will fall apart any minute, and rode it on the quiet streets to the store, where it was uncrowded, and got a trolley and started shopping. The only thing I had to stop and think about was the lunch meat and which kind to get. I finally settled on salami, which I think will make my open faced sandwiches very appealing this week. I try to pick a different lunch meat every week to keep things a bit exciting in my otherwise very unexciting menu.

I was home a little after 9 am and unpacked the groceries under Jesker's watchful eyes and fed him some good Bonzo chicken with vegetables. He made short shrift of that and licked his jowls afterwards. Then he ran around the living room a couple of times, which seems to be mandatory after he's eaten well, and then he collapsed in a heap and slept, no doubt to aid his digestion.


I'm so happy with my haircut, that I keep looking in the mirror to admire it. I think, after all, that I'm happier with it than when I have it cut at the walk in Chinese on the market square. This should be a lesson for me that I mustn't forget. And, of course, there is also the ambiance of which there isn't any at the Chinese and lots of it at the shop around the corner. And there is the fact that they know me well there, because I've been coming there for years, so I was being awfully disloyal by going to the Chinese who doesn't know me from Adam and who could not care less, really, about my hair.


Today is plant watering day again and I have to tell you that, except for the hardy fern, which needs to be repotted, all the plants are doing well and none of them are dropping leaves anymore, That means I've stopped killing them with kindness and in a little while, I'm going to look for a bigger pot to put the fern in. I would like some more plants, but I really don't have any space to put them, unless I find some that really like dark corners.

The fig plant is turning into a monstrosity and really should be in a bigger pot, but I don't have one as yet, so it has to be patient for just a little while. It is standing on a somewhat fragile plant stand which really can't take a bigger pot, so I will have to stand it on the ground and hope the cats leave it alone. Actually, I just realized that I have a big pot outside to put it in. Aha, what a good idea. Well, you all know what I'm going to be doing next.


Jesker just moves his exhausted body from one place in the living room to the next. Now he's laying under the desk, so I have to make sure that I don't stretch out my legs and kick him. You can tell he's an old dog by the amount of sleeping that he does and his contentment by his gentle snoring. Or so I interpret it. I like the sound. It would irritate me if a human being would snore like that, but coming from Jesker I find it soothing. I have no desire to pinch his nose.

Well, I'm off to rescue plants from their too small pots. Wish me luck and a green thumb or two.

Have a nice day, you all.



Frances said...

sounding good
weight loss is amazing. I really don't know how you manage this enormous loss with no plateaux. Well done you

Have a good rest of the day

Maggie May said...

Congratulations on the weight loss.

Go to the hairdresser that you are most satisfied with. After all you are paying!

Enjoy your evening and sleep well tonight X

Anonymous said...

You look great! I'm happy to read that you have been taking such good care of yourself. Your blog looks happy and well too. That is quite an accomplishment to decide to lose weight and then go and do it. Good for you!

Lane said...

Doing the food shopping early is such a good idea - especially in this warm weather.

As for snoring dogs, Peggy snores like an old drunk and I find it very relaxing. Strange isn't it.

Well done on the weight loss too! x

Grit said...

you are so very impressive! and the new look hair and big red necklace combo on your photo today is FANTASIC! you always inspire me!

Wisewebwoman said...

Congrats Irene: You really look rather splendid in your picture. Regal.
Great idea on the grocery shopping early, I should do the same. Though I did buy 'greens' from a farmer yesterday and cooked them tonight with garlic and ginger. Yummy.

Gail said...

I love your new cut. Weight loss, too, what a wonderful day!

I do not have even a green pinkie so I am no help in the plant department. Enjoy your repotting. There is something wonderful about playing in the dirt.

Milo said...

I really love your new haircut too Irene.
lots of hugs from Milo.

John said...

Congrats, Irene. I only lose weightg when I go to the barber and then it might be a quarter ounce.

In America, anayone who says "kilo" is either a scientist or a drug dealer.

laurie said...

everything sounds so cozy and snug in your world--groceries put away, jesker fed, plants watered, life is good.
congratulations on the weight loss! i am trying mightily over here and think i might see the loss of a pound, finally, this week...

Maureen said...

:) Hope you had fun with your "gardening"!

And congratulations on your continued weight loss! Wow!