Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday, oh Saturday!

I've done my chores earlier today, though there are two waiting for me yet and that is to change the bed and to hang up the laundry that is now done in the washing machine. Actually, I had planned on doing those things earlier, but I forgot about them, because I became distracted with all the numerous things you can do on the computer and there seems to be no end to them. That is, if I want to keep track of all the things I'm supposed to keep track off.

Jesker woke me at 8 am this morning because he was having an argument with the cats who wanted to climb in bed with me and he didn't want them to. There was quite a bit of growling and snarling going on. All jealousy, he was protecting his spot beside me. So, I had to get up, of course, to calm the waters and pay the proper amount of attention to each animal.

Luckily, they allowed me my waking up time on the sofa while I absentmindedly petted them and drank my coffee before I got dressed and walked Jesker. When I got home, I turned on my play lists over at Deezer and commenced doing my chores to the cheerful notes of the music.

I don't know what it is, but I have whole periods of time that I don't listen to music and then when I do, I remember how upbeat it is and how it helps me do my work. It's actually quite entertaining and makes the work go easier and I do have a very interesting choice of music. It's all stuff I like very much and I turn it up just loud enough not to be a nuisance to the neighbors.

I'm going to make myself listen to music every day this week and see if it changes my level of energy. Even if I'm in the mood for dullness and peace and quiet. God, sometimes I live like a nun who has taken a vow of silence. Nothing but empty noise reigns.

I watered all the plants with the watering can in effort not to drown them and they seem quite perky, so maybe that was the right thing to do. I'll try to not give them too much TLC, although it's hard not to do that. I always think abundance is good. Abondanza!

I pick a playlist that I've made at Deezer and Deezer offers me an alternative playlist of the same sort of songs. That's kind of neat. I'm listening to such a list now and am constantly taken by surprise. Deezer is really great, you can't download anything, but you do find all sorts of music.

I dealt with the mail again and sat down specifically with my reading glasses and a pen to get ready to deal with the worst of it, but it all turned out to be a popcorn fart, so that was easy. It's hardly ever as bad and cumbersome as you think it's going to be and I must remember to always keep my administration and obligations as simple as possible so there are no nasty surprises. Most things are directly dealt with via the bank, but here are the odd things that I have to handle myself.

Jesker is giving me a very mournful look and I think he wants me to take him out, but first I'll distract him with some food. It's almost time for me to take my medicines and I'm waiting for the alarm clock to go off. I can't leave until it's done that.

This morning I was spot cleaning the linoleum and I realized how badly I needed to mop all the floors. I had thought about doing it today, but never got around to it. I will make an attempt tomorrow, but it means I have to vacuum really well first and then there's the noise of the vacuum cleaner. If only it sounded melodious.

I have to pull weeds out front. They look very attractive, like sea grass, but they must come out. I also have to arrange the pots for when they get planted next weekend. I've told you I'm going to plant grasses in them, haven't I? That's the plainest kind of plant I can think of and not all fussy and too ornamental. I don't want color and gloss.

Well, I must be off now to walk Jesker. He is patiently waiting. The weather outside is beautiful and the sun is shining. It is 22 degrees C. Inside as well as outside.

I hope you all have a good evening and that you enjoyed your Saturday.



LouDuk said...

I really like that photograph.

San said...

I've enjoyed reading this account of a quiet, ordinary day. That's my favorite kind of day. Such days make for a rich life.

aims said...

I can see a change happening here Irene - I'm glad.

jeannette stgermain said...

22 degrees, that is great for Holland! here it has been cloudy 3 weeks in a row - very unusual for CA.
Seems like you are doing okay! Happy for you - have a great weekend!

Gail said...

Grasses in a pot, what a wonderful idea. I have transplants wild grasses into flower beds because I like the texture.
What happened to the "house helper"?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you mentioned having to vacuum and then mop your floors! That's exactly the task that I have been putting off for several weeks now (well, the mopping, anyway. DD did vacuum last week.), only I have to do three levels of house. Yuck! I think I'll go outside and enjoy the sunshine here instead (currently 23 degrees C).

Frances said...

Going better. I had a comment earlier, but it disappeared. I'm sure it was scintillating! LOl
Have a lovely evening

Maggie May said...

Great photo. Love it!

SugarCain said...

You are growing wiser, Irene, and I am along with you. I'm going to tack up the thing you said about it never being as bad as anticipated.

VioletSky said...

I love having grasses growing on my balcony. Unfortunately so does my cat, who nibbles away at all their tips.

I know what youmean about music. I keep forgetting to have it on and then wonder: how could you forget something that brings so much joy or peace?

Maureen said...

OH my, it seems I have been severely negligent again. I always want to save reading your posts when I have time to slowly take it all in... but during some weeks I can never find that precious time.

So here I am again, catching up on nearly a week's posts! So sorry!

You are so right about music getting you moving; if I am bound and determined to get some real cleaning done, all I need to do is get the radio or the iPod on; it takes my mind off of the crappy job at hand.