Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday, how do I love Thee.

Well, I love Sunday enough to hang up the laundry to dry and to change my bed and to visit my sister for some very good cups of cappuccino from her built in magical coffee maker that also makes hot foamy milk. We sat out on the patio and looked at the sky with much suspicion, because it was turning that color gray that means rain is coming soon, but so far it has stayed dry, which is good, because my nephew has a football game this afternoon. No, I take that back. I see it is sprinkling ever so lightly.

I don't mind this one bit, as you all know, because I get to sit inside and not worry about a thing, and I didn't hang the laundry outside to dry, knowing it was going to rain sooner or later and Jesker has been walked, so I am safe for now.

This morning I weighed 94.9 kilos and I pulled a top out of the "too small to wear bag" and put it on. It fits much better now and I'm quite happy with it. I'll look in that bag more closely and see what else is in there. I may yet have some forgotten treasures.

My sister said to me this morning that she liked my hair much better now that it had grown out a bit, so I know that the next time I have it cut they should not take off too much. I'll wait a bit before I have it cut again and then tell them to only cut off the very tips of it. A compliment is worth something to me.

I forgot to take the camera to take a picture of that very pretty tree of hers and I will probably forget it every time, because it's in my handbag and I never bring it. I only bring the dog and my cigarettes.

This morning I let Jesker off the leash at the field thinking he could have a good roam around, but he did no such thing, but walked straight home with me behind him trying to catch up. I think he is a lot deaf, because he paid no attention to me when I called him, but just kept right on going. He also doesn't react to the outside doorbell anymore. It's only when I pick up the intercom phone that he starts to bark, because he knows it means there's someone there. He used to listen to me very well and now reacts to phantom noises.

As I'm typing this, I'm listening to the Blues and some of them are very old songs and very good. They are not making me blue, don't worry. It's Deezer's Blues station I'm listening too. I listened to jazz earlier, until I had enough of that and I may go to rhythm and blues later or rock and roll. Jerry Lee Lewis! Great Balls of Fire!

It really makes a difference to have the music on while I sit behind the computer and when I do my chores. It certainly makes me livelier and puts a certain amount of happiness that was missing in my soul. I forgot what an impact good music had on me. All this time I have been living in silence when it wasn't necessary, but I thought it was what I craved. I wanted to hear a pin drop. Silly woman.

Of course, I had all those MP3 players with music on them that I wasn't all that fond off, while I liked my music at Deezer better, but the Exfactor kept saying that I mustn't have the computer on so much, so I was near paranoid about having it on all day. Now I don't care anymore. I seldom have the TV on and that uses up energy like crazy too.

The one thing I don't want to listen to though is any sort of music that has sentiment attached to it. It can't be music that at any point in my life was significant and played an important role. So, I won't be listening to any oldies from the seventies and eighties. Those worthless years.

Okay, now I've completely changed my music and gone for Baroque. Sergio Bellestracci, some obscure Italian composer, at least to me he is, I had never heard of the man until I found him on Deezer and I am trying him on for size. So far he is a little bit heavy on the flute, which is not my favorite instrument, but I'll give him a fair chance. Oh no, that flute keeps coming back. That won't do at all. I feel myself compelled to go find some Johan Sebastian Bach and Vivaldi immediately. That will be my chore for the rest of the day.

I hope you all have a peaceful Sunday with the weather of your choice and lots of peace and quiet, or with music, however you wish it.



Maggie May said...

I am the same with music. Don't want to listen to anything with emotional attachments! I am much more into listening to local chat shows & hearing people's opinions on various topics at the moment, rather than listen to music.
I find music very distracting while I am blogging or commenting!
Have you noticed you have suddenly started to refer to Jesker rather than the Uberhund? A sudden transition!

What a glorious day today! I have been watering the garden in the hope of revitalizing everything. X

SugarCain said...

Oh, I have that "too small to wear" bag too, and I hope I can get something out of it soon. So relaxing to read your blog, Irene. I like it that you're not all wound up and full of exclamation marks.

Lane said...

Not so keen on the flute either. The Irish whistle I like though:-)

You sound in good spirits Irene. I'm glad. x

Frances said...

Relaxing day. All ready for the week ahead. Glad to hear you had positive moments with your sister

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I love pegging washing out on the line because it saves the tumble dryer expense! But clouds here also threaten that pleasure.

CJ xx

John said...

Like the line about only taking the dog and the cigarettes.

Stinking Billy said...

Hi, my favourite gossamer woman? Just to let you know that I am back! x

Maureen said...

Ah, what a great thing to do; find old clothes that you can fit into again! That must feel wonderful.

Your weather sounds very much like ours today; huge thunderclouds, even thunder, but just a few drops of rain. It has been hot and muggy; yes, we do have quite the range of weather!

ric said...

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