Thursday, June 04, 2009

Domestic Help???

Life at the old ranch is pretty much down to a dull roar right now, people. The day has only been slightly interesting and not all that industrious, despite the visit from the woman from domestic help.

I was just finishing the dishes when she showed up and she is a most kind woman, dressed very nicely, not in house cleaning clothes, and as a matter of fact, we didn't do any house cleaning. What we did instead, was look at my weekly schedule to see on which days I had time to do which chores and make a very attractive list of all of those chores.

She also asked me if I needed any administrative help or if there was any other area in my life I needed help with. I said no, of course not, that it was mainly the household that had me defeated and she suggested that I don't turn the computer on until I had my chores done every day. She left after making an appointment for Thursday next week.

Since today is my day off, I was supposed to do a bunch of chores that was Thursday's work, and I started off with the best of intentions and did some things very well, but halfway through the list I ran out of steam and couldn't face the rest of it, namely the vacuuming and the bathroom. I felt totally futile and defeated and said," Oh what the hell," and quit. I'll have to try and do it on another day. I can't do that many chores on one day. I am not capable of it.

The Exfactor also came by and that gave me a good excuse for a break and to sit and have coffee with him. He came bearing a gift in the form of a bag with 100 coffee pads for the Senseo machine. I sure was happy with that. He had got them on sale somewhere and I like them.

We are now to the point that he can discuss his weekends with the Paramount in a normal way with me and I don't feel the least amount of jealousy . So we can each discuss with each other what we are doing in our lives without there being taboo subjects. I think it makes our friendship more comfortable and more true and I think he has a willingness to talk about it.

I feel so let down by the "domestic help." I thought they were going to help me clean the apartment and not just make a schedule for me to stick to. I could have done that on my own. Although knowing that somebody is coming next week is a motivator, but if I can't get it done, then nothing is going to help me much. The light household duties I can get done, it's the heavy duty stuff that I have problems with.

I tried to clean the front windows on the inside, but the result is dismal and I will have to do it over again. Properly!

Well, I am going to watch the news now and then walk the dog and then put my pajamas on. I don't think this has been a very successful day.



Maggie May said...

That must have been disappointing thinking that you were getting cleaning help when in fact all you were getting was a list of things that you had to do yourself. What a come down! Oh well..... too good to be true.
Goodnight X

Catherine said...

Hi Irene, long time since I read any blogs, so I wish you luck on your weight loss quest. It seems you are very motivated.
As for home help here we have home helps who do the housework, not tell you how to do it! your sort is a kind of therapy I think!
Good luck with it anyway. I see you had the Euro elections in Netherlands today Thursday, we have them and the local elections tomorrow. Hubby is hoping to be elected to the town council, he is the first Dutch Mayor in an Irish town as far as we know.
I did a post on the elections if you want to read it, please drop by.

Gail said...

Maybe it's a test! If you do not complete the list, someone else will do it...wouldn't that be wonderful?

laurie said...

dear irene, if you can't do it then it means she gave you too ambitious of a schedule. worry not!!!! it's only housework. no worries. when she comes next week, talk to her about redoing the schedule in a way that makes sense.

don't worry. you'll get it figured out.

and remember: it's only housework!! much more important is taking care of jesker, and you do that so beautifully.

Maureen said...

Well, every day can't be successful... even so you had a nice surprise with those pads!

I find I do clean when someone new comes to visit. So I guess the motivation is a big factor. Funny, how I can let things slide for ourselves, yet I want to make a good impression for strangers... yes, that is twisted, isn't it?

Frances said...

Argh - what a let down - that doesn't sound like the sort of help you need. You can do that yourself when you are in kickass frame of mind. Maybe they misunderstood and didn't realise you have no problem planning and scheming what to do, it is the carrying it all out that is the pain.
Ah well, you will SURVIVE

John said...

Ok it is now time to put all cans in alphabetical order regardless on size.