Monday, June 01, 2009

After the gastric band post...

I'm suffering from momentary disinterest in anything, so I'm going to take it out on you guys and sit here and write a post, after I have just posted one on my gastric band, which you really should go and read, because I need some feedback on that one. So be good and scroll down and have a look at it, or whatever you have to do to get there, but please read it. If you click on my header, you'll get all my posts.

Speaking of exercise, (but who was?) I've made the dog's walk twice as long as it was, starting this morning, because we were just taking short walks because of my sore toe. At least, that's how it started and it became a habit. I still have a sore toe, but I can walk longer distances now, so I have to take advantage of that and not be such a ninny. I can tell it's good for the dog, because he's more tired now and every once in a while when I have the time, I'll make it an even longer walk, but not when it is so hot like it is today.

The exercise is good for me too, as I don't seem to get enough of it, even though I ride my bike everywhere I go, but it has become too easy, even with the funky pedals and even though I don't have any gears on my bike and have to pedal like crazy when I go uphill. I should really join a fitness studio, but I don't have the finances to do that right now.

Oh, and I realized that I don't have to have my gastric band removed, but that some of the solution can be pumped out, making the band wider and the opening to my stomach larger, enabling me to eat a larger variety of healthy food (see my other post).

I don't like these three day weekends. They last too long. In the end you just walk around with your soul under your arm trying to figure out what to do with yourself, especially if you're used to a fairly busy week. A weekend is long enough, but the extra day is too much, unless you have a slew of money to go out and spend on terrace sitting all afternoon and find a body to do it with. I'd rather have a day off during the week, but then all those families wouldn't have their long weekends to undertake things in. And the pubs and cafés and hotels do like the long weekend customers.

I mustn't let it get me down, though. I just have to finish up this last little bit of the day and tomorrow I will have creative therapy again and I have to figure out what sort of a doodle I'm going to make. I think I'll practice something at home here first and see what I can come up with. I hope my imagination doesn't desert me and that I'll think of something very interesting and comical. I hope I'm not a one trick pony.

I just drank a large glass of juice for some quick energy. I felt myself failing, because I haven't eaten anything yet today. All the porridge and yogurt and other assorted things that I usually eat are gone and now I only have raisin bread and I'll have to take the chance and try to eat some of that later. I can also drink a glass of warm milk. I know it's not smart not to eat, but it's tough when there's nothing really in the house that's going to settle in your stomach easily. Yesterday, I tried to eat two slices of toast, but without success.

Right, I think I'll take the dog for another walk again. It's something to do and it will make the time pass.



Frances said...

Glad to hear those remarks about the band. I think eating things that take longer to digest is more satisfying.
Enjoy your evening and look forward to hearing about your doodle. LOL

Maggie May said...

Irene those high glucose drinks are PACKED with calories and they are not good for you.
Cut out sugar from everything and eat soups and faked fish, tinned fish, mashed sweet potato and skimmed milk, porridge. Obviously not altogether!

Babaloo said...

Should've read this post before I started talking about exercise etc in my comment on your previous post! :-)

Glad to hear you've come up with a solution. I think it sounds good, that way you could eat salads which I love eating in summer. And they have very few calories (depending on what you use to make them, obviously).

I like the long weekends, mostly anyway. But then, here in Ireland there's hardly any difference between a holiday Monday and a regular Monday for example. Almost all the shops are open (except the small ones) but maybe with slightly shorter opening hours. The only thing is that most people don't need to work. Apart from the ones working in the shops. ;-)

Gail said...

I had nine days off, did not wish any of them away! I have painted, cleaned, done yard work, a couple of artsy things and ate lots of treats.
I think I would lose my weight quickly if I was not addicted to Dr Peppers.
It sounds as though you have handled your long time off quite well.
I can offer no advice for I do not know any answers.
Maybe your Doc could help you with this one. I know that the joy of eating is partly texture and I think you are missing that.