Thursday, June 04, 2009

This morning...

This morning I weighed, in my very lightweight pajamas, 96.8 kilos, the same as I did yesterday. I'm only a little bit perturbed about this, as I realize I can't loose weight every day and at least I didn't gain any, but I hope this means that I will have lost some by tomorrow, otherwise it gets so discouraging. It doesn't mean that the mackerel didn't taste very good, thank you.

The dog woke me urgently this morning. I thought he had to go out, but that wasn't it. Then I thought he was hungry, but that wasn't it either. Then I noticed that his water bowl was empty, that was it! He drank his fill and then he had to go out and wanted something to eat. He was so happy that he barked at 6 o'clock in the morning and all I could think off was the neighbors and them not being too thrilled about that. It's what you get when you live in an apartment.

So, now I'm up early, although I could have slept late, but never mind. I'll get the day started sooner and maybe get some things done around here. Scrubbing the kitchen counter and sink could be two of those things. It's always a mess around the Senseo machine, because that's where I put down my used spoons, so there are always coffee stains and for some reason the dishcloth is never clean enough to wipe up the spills with, no matter how often I change it. Dishcloths have got to be the dirtiest things in the kitchen. It's a good thing we're resistant to all those germs.

I called Social Services yesterday to find out why my vacation money was not deposited in the bank yet and my consultant told me that they always pay one month late, so that what you're supposed to get in May, you get in June. Does that sound logical to you? Now I have to wait until June the 20th before I can pay a bill that was due in April. I hope the recipient has patience. I'll have to call them today. Grrr...

The weather forecast on my computer says it's going to be cloudy and only 13 degrees Celsius. That's 55 degrees Fahrenheit. That's brrr...It means putting on your warm jacket and wearing regular clothes. The kind with long sleeves.

Oh lord, domestic help is coming today. I have to pick up the place a little bit. Well, I better get the show on the road.

I'll write more later today to let you know how it's gone.



Frances said...

Your place is going to be lovely after the help has been. that will be a relief to you.

Have a lovely day.

I don't know about you, but I always find I lose a lot initially then lose steadily. If you weigh yourself less frequently that will avoid you getting any of those little soul-destroying blips with water-retention on some days. Weigh twice a week, maybe, so you can see progress?

Maureen said...

Ha! I know what you mean about the dishcloth... yuck.

And yes, we all go up and down in weight every day; it is frustrating, but are you keeping a journal to record your weigh-ins? After a time you'll see progress.