Saturday, February 21, 2009


I just went to my friendly neighborhood salon and had my haircut by my nice little hairdresser without the aid of a picture to point to to say, "That is how I want it." So I had to verbally explain it, but within 5 seconds she knew what I meant and came with her own suggestions, so we were on the same track. I wanted a completely new hairdo, a 'get out of bed and do hardly anything with it hairdo.' This one requires a little wax and a bit of hairspray to make the plucks of hair stand up straight and look messy and for the bangs to stay in place, but that's all very easy compared to the hairdo I did have, which required a lot of effort. It's a hairdo for young people, but since I feel so young at heart, I figure I qualify and it can be mine as well as anybody else's.

Excuse the crooked smile and the funky looking eye. I took about ten pictures and this was the best one and I figure I had to stop somewhere. Looking at my haircut now, I think I can mess with it some more and get it even better looking. I just need to get the wax out and a hairbrush and fool around with it a little bit.

Don't you always do that when you get home from the hairdresser's? Mess with your hair until it suits you? I always do. I make faces in the mirror to look at my most advantageous and comb my hair until it looks the way I am most pleased with it.

I must say that I am happy with my hairdresser, though. She always does a good job and listens to me well and follows my instructions to a T. And she calls me Irene and not ma'am, which she easily could, because I am way older than she is.

She is such a young whippersnapper and so nimble and quick on her feet. Handles those scissors like they are chopsticks and she is Chinese by birth, at lightening speed.

I must make an appointment next month to keep this hairdo looking properly and I will write it down in my agenda. I am thinking about dyeing my hair a different color, but I am undecided which color to go with. Do I go lighter or darker, or reddish? Any suggestions, anyone?

I slept until 8:30 this morning, not bad, huh? The extreme tiredness is leaving my body and I'm starting to feel normal again. I'm up all day, but I do get prematurely sleepy at night when I fall alseep on the sofa, but then my SPN says I am not a youngster anymore and it comes with age. She called me yesterday to see how I was doing and I told her that I am doing fine, that I am very calm and mellow and that there is no hypomania, nor is there any depression as a result of the increase in the antipsychotic medication. I am just nice and normal, so she decided to keep things as they are, to prevent further hypomania from happening, and she is going to check back with me in another week. In the meantime,my psychiatrist is available should I need help, which I don't think I will. Things are cope static right now.

The Exfactor was here with his twin brother yesterday for coffee for a short while. They came to pick up a bookcase. I am very friendly to my ex brother in law and ask him how he is and how his partner is and I get a long explanation, but I am never asked how I am and what is going on in my life, which makes me think that relationship is kind of a waste of time. I also have a sneaking suspicion that my weblog has been discovered by the Exfactor's family and that now several members of it are reading it. This is in reaction to a remark my ex sister in law from Ausralia made in an email.

This is not going to change anything about the way I post. I'll be as brazen as ever.

Well, now I'm going to mess with my hair. It is cold here and I think I will also put on some warmer clothes. There should be ample choice in the closet.

Bye for now. Have a nice afternoon. If I get my hair to look nicer, I'll post that picture instead.



aims said...

Love the haircut Irene! And I'm voting for a little red of course! hehehehe

Don't let the ex family have anything to do with your blog. They are ex. Who cares?

laurie said...

ooh, i LIKE that haircut. very much. i like you blond, but it's also fun to experiment. red could be quite radical. in a good way.

if they want to read your blog, it's their funeral.

Babaloo said...

Oh, love the haircut, very nice! Funnily enough I just coloured my hair the other night. A home job. So nothing fancy. But I wanted to see how I'd look with slightly darker hair. I went for something called "light brunette" or something. It did turn out to have a light coppery shimmer which I really like. Takes some getting used to seeing yourself with a very different hair colour, though. Mine is only semi-permanent because I'm too much of a chicken to go for the real thing and make a big change. Just in case I don't like it. :)

among found objects said...

I like the crooked smile and funky eye. It goes with the haircut. As if saying, I am up to no good. Ha.

Maggie May said...

Irene......... the hairstyle is fabulous and a tiny hint of red would be even better!

Omega Mum said...

Cracking hairdo, Irene. And so brave to be very radical.....I feel so possessive of my hair it's all I can do to avoid naming them individually. They've been through a lot with me.

Irene said...

Thanks for the compliments on my hair, guys. I think if I am going to color my hair, it will definitely be in a red shade. I'll get the shampoo in kind from l'Oreal, in case it looks hideous. If it looks good, I'll go to the hairdresser and have it done, although I wonder if that makes any difference with hair as short as mine. I mean, it grows fast and all gets cut off in a months time. You kow what I mean, don't you?

Maureen said...

Great cut Irene! Isn't it wonderful to find a hairdresser you can trust? And yes, the first thing I do when I get home from a cut is wash my hair so I can re-do it the exact way I want it. Good luck with the re-color; I find I can't go reddish at all with my complexion, so I stick with browns. I love to highlight it and as a matter of fact it is high time I color mine again too. My grey roots are showing their ugly faces again! Sigh. If I didn't color, I would have been grey in my early twenties.

Stacie said...

I LOVE the haircut. I wish I could go short and feel good about it. Oh, and let Exfactor's family read on!

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh Irene:
Fab, just fab. Perfect the way it is, I just love this cut on you.
And screw them: let them read - and move their lips, ha, just kidding.

Tessa said...

Now that is a GREAT haircut - it really suits you, Irene. If I wasn't too chicken to have short hair, that's just how I'd like mine.

I don't think you should go reddish - I think it looks a bit fake on most women who do it. If anything, how 'bout some sunshiney streaks? Nothing too obvious...nice subtle highlights?

Oooh, love that necklace!