Monday, January 27, 2014

With just a bit of a hitch

The new modem has, with just a bit of a hitch, been installed by the Exfactor and I am glad that I didn't have to do it myself because I wouldn't have managed it. As it was, it required a phone call to the help desk, but the nice man there really was helpful, and the job was soon done. In the end, things were actually very simple once we knew what we were doing, and there were no complicated tools involved. All the Exfactor had to do was plug the right cables into the right outlets and find a place to set up the modem. That was not as logical as we had expected and it now sits on my computer table. Luckily, there is enough room for it.

The day turned out to be kind of exciting like I had hoped, so I can't complain. It went by quickly and I'm glad that I have this quiet time now to sit and gather my thoughts. I am having a cup of coffee, but I had something spicy for dinner and I expect to be drinking tall glasses of ice cold lemonade very soon. The coffee is very welcome because it helps me straighten out my thoughts and makes me alert enough to help me write them down. I am not planning on going to bed for a while and besides, Tyke has brought a stick inside and shredded it to pieces on top of my duvet. 

I had my appointment with my psychiatrist and it went well and other than to briefly discuss the past week, there was not much to talk about. I am feeling pretty stabile and that is the most important thing, and we decided that from now on I will see him once a month and email him once a week with a progress report. This is our intention anyway and I hope I can stick to it and that I will not need more care than I expect. 

I have a new coffee table that I got through the aunt of my domestic help who is always on the look out for furniture that I might like to have. This one has a square metal frame and a glass top and looks very American. I am going to have to buy a bottle of glass cleaner to keep it looking spiffy. The Exfactor and a friend of his delivered it in a van this afternoon and took the old coffee table with them. The friend is an artist who makes beautiful fantasy-like objects of art that I would place in my living room immediately if I had the space and the money. His name is Hans Dullaart, you can google his name and get his images. 

I think I am too excited to go to sleep just now and I am going to have to wind down by watching some television. It has been an enervating day after having had so many dull ones. It will be good to sit in my armchair and to also look at the new coffee table. 

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Rob-bear said...

Glad you had such a good day. Modem connected. Psychiatrist seen. New table in. Good supper.

On the other hand, your beloved Tyke is making a mess for you to clean up before you go to bed. I suppose if everything went smoothly, your day would feel, somehow, not right. I have those days, too.

Blessings and Bear hugs!