Thursday, January 02, 2014

That's true too...

One of the nice things about the new year, is that you get to go through last year's paperwork and toss out three quarters of it and put the rest of it in a file folder possibly never to be looked at again. Good riddance, I say, I sure hung on to a lot of it long enough. I saved things that were not important one bit, being too lazy at the time I dealt with them to toss them out there and then. I probably also felt incapable of making that decision, but I sure am capable of it now that the year has turned over. I will be ruthless in my selection and bid those useless papers adieu gladly. I am exactly in the right kind of mood for it.
I feel glad because the Exfactor did the groceries and came home with them just before it started to rain cats and dogs. By the time we had unloaded the groceries and had a cup of coffee, it had stopped raining again so he could ride his bike onward to other destinations without getting soaked.
I just got an email from my psychiatrist with the good news that I can further reduce my anti-depressants by another 75 mg. I am happy about that because the less I take of them, the slimmer the chances are that I will be 'giddy.' I've cut them back quite a bit now and have high hopes of getting off them completely, but that is really a secret wish I have and you are not to tell anyone. Of course, I am not in charge of this but my psychiatrist is because he has the knowledge about the medication. The success depends on how well I deal with reducing them. This may be a very bold move and I will have to see if it is going to work out at all.
After the rain comes sunshine and that is exactly what I was hoping for. It is shining directly into the living room, but I think it is of a temporary nature because already I see more rain clouds. It's too bad because the windows were washed only recently. I keep the insides of them clean every day, but the outsides of them have big splatters on them now.
I can't believe how early in the day it is because it feels like I have been busy for hours. It's not that I have accomplished all that much, but I have moved around a lot and have done a lot of thinking. My mind has been occupied with a myriad of thoughts that have to do with my subconscious inner life that I have not been paying attention to much over the past couple of years.  I had to face some realities about myself, but I hope that they are indeed realities and not figments of my fired up imagination. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.
Tyke reminds me that it is time to go for a walk. That is a reality I can not ignore.

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