Thursday, January 02, 2014

In search of peace...

I know that I've written a post not too long ago, but I find myself somewhat restless and unable to just sit and watch the news on TV or read one of the magazines I got from my nephew for Christmas. I feel like I actively have to do something, but more than anything that my mind has to be occupied. My thoughts are a bit scattered and want to take short flights into all sorts of different directions and not settle into one pattern. I did just now take a tranquilizer and I am waiting for it to start working, so in a little while things may start becoming more cohesive. I do like sitting here typing away, though, and I wish I could do it nonstop all evening. It is one of the most pleasant things to do.
I don't know if I am hypomanic now, but I don't think so. I don't feel like spending money or rearranging the furniture. I just have a very restless mind. Maybe these are withdrawal symptoms from having reduced the anti-depressants, but if they are no worse than this, I can cope with them. I am not to the point that I am climbing the walls.
If I continue to feel this way, which I may for the next couple of days, you may see a lot more posts from me because I will need to keep my mind occupied. The only other alternative I can think of, is to go lie down in bed and try to read a book, but I don't feel much like doing that. It would be a trigger free environment, and that might be a good thing, but my purpose would be to try and fall asleep and I don't think I am ready for that. Writing this post is really the best thing I can think of. This way I fit my thoughts into a solid framework so they can't take flights of fancy.
A blog friend just mentioned in an email teas to help you go to sleep and that reminded me that I have a box full of different kinds of teas and some of those are teas to help you sleep. I need to get that box off the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet an have a look inside and see what flavors are available. I just may find some that I will like and that will serve the purpose. At times I am a real tea drinker, but lately I have not touched the stuff. It would not hurt to make a small pot of it now and to start drinking it in order to calm down some. Besides, I am feeling a bit chilly from drinking this tall glass of lemonade.  
I found some chamomile tea with honey and I am brewing a pot of that now. I am expecting that to taste great and do the job. I can't wait to have some cups of it. There were lots of other flavors in the box, but they all had black tea in them, so that was not very helpful. I will have to buy more of the chamomile tea if it works. I also have green tea with lemon, but I have been told that it has caffeine in it. If anybody wants to set me straight on that?
In the meantime, the tranquilizer has started to work, so my mind is already in better shape anyway and that is a relief. I will now have the tea which smells delicious.

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Zoe Sprake said...

I think green tea does have caffeine, but you have to drink it quite weak or it's very bitter, so it won't have much. Even black tea has less than coffee and, if it's flavoured, you're more likely to drink it without milk and weak, so it will have less caffeine than half and half coffee - I think!