Sunday, January 26, 2014

When in doubt, write a post...

Well, at least I've got the language right and not every word is underlined in red any longer. My Mac speaks American English now and that is a real relief. Dutch may be a lot like English, but not enough to have the exact same spelling. It was a bit confusing to write a post and to see al that red and to try to see if I had made any mistakes, and yes, even I make them. 

Every time I use the Mac, I learn a few more things and I get smarter about it all the time. The one thing I am doing now, is cleaning it up, and it is in the process of moving nearly 10,000 items to the wastebasket. That should clear up some space and the one thing I notice is how silently it runs compared to my old PC. I can't even tell that it is running and I can keep it in the sleeping mode without worrying that it is wasting a lot of energy. 

Both my mental and physical health are continuing to improve. As a matter of fact, I can hardly tell that there was anything wrong with them just a short time ago. Imagining that I was emotionally a wreck as little as two days ago is hard to do, yet it is true. I thought I was the most miserable person in the universe, although I am sure I was not. I am certain that there are people in worse shape than I was, but everything is relative. It depends on how much you are used to. 

I am determined to never feel like that again and I will never reduce the amount of anti-depressants to that degree again, unless I am completely without common sense and make the same mistake twice. I also hope that my psychiatrist will be able to keep me from doing this should I ever have that foolish notion again in the future. I can't do much about getting the flu, except that I think I may not have been eating as healthy as I should have, and that may have contributed to me getting sick. Eating take-out food two times in a row is not such a good idea.

Isn't it great that today is Sunday? I've got a bunch of chores to do that I neglected while I was sick. I'm sure I will have the energy to do them now. Whether or not I feel like doing them is another matter. I think I would like it better if somehow I could reward myself for doing them. Like have an ice cream sundae, or something, but my body would probably protest at that. Oh well...

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Maggie May said...

I'm thrilled you are feeling better! Also that you have a Mac. I wouldn't be without mine.
Have a great Sunday and hoping you are not being blown away and drenched as we are right now!
Maggie x

Nuts in May