Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Able to leap tall buildings

It has been an amazingly boring day that ought not to be repeated soon and that I will forget about as quickly as possible. The only good thing about it was that it went by relatively fast, despite the fact that not one fun thing happened. The highlight of the day was that the domestic help was here, so I suppose it wasn't all bad because she is a kind person and she did clean up the place very nicely. So that was the silver lining. 

I also had a nice lunch, so I guess that once you start looking for the better things in the day, they do show up. And the weather has been good. There was a blue sky and sunshine, although it was a bit chilly, but very nice to take Tyke for walks in. This is what is called, counting your blessings. 

My computer table is very clean because I realized that the domestic help could not dust there if there were all sorts of stacks of paper lying around on it, so that motivated me to sort them out. It is very pleasant to work by a clean surface and not be faced with chaos. It was done in a snap too. I am actually very decisive once I make up my mind and can create order in no time at all. I rarely regret tossing out anything. 

I want to buy a large, rather shallow, colorful pot that holds several plants for the new coffee table and I wonder where I am going to find something like that without it costing me an arm and a leg. I have been pondering upon this all day and trying to think of the possibilities. There is the flower shop around the corner that is not too expensive, but I don't know if I will find anything like it there. I will have to walk over and see what is available. There may be more choices than I think. 

I know, this is a typical first world problem and I am glad that it is one of the few pressing ones that I have. But I do have to add that I don't fixate on the really big impossible to solve ones. I do know when I'm beat and what I can't fix and just have to learn to live with. My life is by no means a bed of roses, but I am not a pessimist and I do not dwell on the negative areas of my life. I think most healthy people do not or we would all go crazy. 

That still doesn't take anything away from the fact that this has been a boring day. I think I will end it with watching a bit of television while eating my dinner. Sometimes you just have to please your eyes and your taste buds. 

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