Sunday, January 05, 2014

Finding my center...

I suppose that in anything you do, it is always important to take a deep breath and focus on your middle point, which I assume must be one of your chakras, though I admit I know very little about them. I always feel mine lies in the middle of my forehead when I focus on my middle point, as if that's where a ray of energy beams from. I almost physically feel this happening and it wouldn't surprise me if one day my forehead lights up. That would help me to see in the dark at night when I turn off the lights when I go to bed. I stumble into furniture often enough. You wouldn't believe the bruises I have.
Focusing on your middle point is especially handy when you feel a bit scattered and threaten to bounce into the room in a hundred different segments that all want to play on their own accord. Well, I don't feel quite that bad, but for a moment or two, I did feel that I had just stepped from the bouncy castle. It was after I had done a few complicated actions on the internet that involved money and doing that will always upset my equilibrium, even when it has a positive outcome. It seems that financially, I am having a bit of a lucky streak. I think, so far, 2014 is turning out alright.
My sister said the same thing to me over the phone this morning. I think we have high hopes and let's just assume that those come true, because 2013 was such a rotten year. Maybe it's because we neglected our chakras. I'll have to make it a point to read up about them, being a bit ignorant. That may just make me a more enlightened woman and god knows that can't hurt, being the whore of knowledge that I am. I'd also sure as heck like to know where to place the commas in a sentence. I never did learn grammar properly. It is a great gap in my education.
It's good when you have a sense of humor and you can make fun of yourself. I find I can do that better since I have reduced the anti-depressants. I am a bit more lighthearted, but I notice more changes in me. And I also don't have to use the tranquilizers anymore because the feelings of unrest and disquiet are gone.
As I write this, I am doing a load of laundry, because it's a perfect day to dry the clothes outside. The sun has been shining all morning and the windows are open to air the apartment. It almost feels like springtime. I'd very much like for it to always be this kind of weather, but I don't think I have much to say about it and I don't think prayer is going to help. Wishful thinking won't either, so I will take each pretty day as it comes with a lot of gratitude.


Connie Rose said...

Your middle point is actually the 3rd chakra (start from the bottom), the Hara, located just under your ribcage. That is your solar plexus, where you ground or center yourself.

The chakra in your forehead is the 6th chakra or your Third Eye, rather the seat of intuition. Do read up on them, it's fascinating.

Enjoy your evening. I'm off to Eureka this morning, to the monthly flea market. It hasn't been a regular thing for me but I thought I'd check it out today. Kind of an extracurricular day in town.


Rob-bear said...

I'm always glad to hear that things are going well for you. I hope each day holds good things!

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Rob-bear said...
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