Saturday, January 25, 2014

A double whammy...

Not only do I have to wait for the increase in the dose of anti-depressants to start working, but on top of that I've got the flu, and I am really disgusted because I did get a flu shot this season. Apparently, I've got another variation of the virus. I am now not so sure if it is worth it to get a flu shot at all, because I felt very miserable this morning on top of feeling very depressed. I was not in the least bit a happy camper and spent most of the morning asleep on the sofa in my bathrobe.

So, to sum it all up: I've got a very sore knee, my fibromyalgia is acting up, I have the flu and I am depressed. Isn't that a great state to be in? I don't think so either. It is that I am naturally an optimist that I am hanging in there at all.

The Exfactor has taken care of me today and walked Tyke. He also brought over a carton of orange juice which is very refreshing and good for my sore throat. I will have to take care of myself later this weekend because he is going to Belgium and won't be back until Monday. I am going to assume that I will be doing better by tomorrow and it will be good to get some fresh air, because I did miss being able to go out today. I didn't feel good enough to, but it is equally miserable if you can't inhale the fresh winter air.

A depression is like being in labor. You have to go through it until it is over and nobody can help you with it. You are the one who has to go through the pains of it. No amount of analysis is going to do any good because that is not what the problem is. It is a pure physical problem and has to be solved chemically.

It is the same way with the flu. You don't analyze the flu either. You take care of the symptoms and try to get better as quickly as possible and hope you don't get chronically il from it.



Wisewebwoman said...


That is all.


Connie Rose said...

So sorry you're not feeling well. Hope all the bad stuff passes over the weekend. Thinking of you. xoxo

Cheri said...

You have had quite the havoc ridden week. Hoping your depression eases up soon and the flu flys off.

Rob-bear said...

Sorry you are doing so poorly, Irene. One darned thing after another in your life. I'm glad the Exfactor looks after you so well.

I hope you're feeling much better, very soon.

Blessings and Bear hugs!