Friday, January 17, 2014

Living at the right speed...

I have decided that, since I am finally feeling in the proper mood, I will take advantage of it and go to sleep late tonight. I may not go to bed until midnight, that is if I last that long, but it is my intention. I have made a pot of half and half and since I found the proper measuring spoon, I am getting the proportions right and the coffee tastes a lot better. I had been making it way too strong all this time. I think it is terrible that I did not realize that and did not notice it until I made the last two pots. Drinking coffee is now not just a necessary thing, but also much more enjoyable. Go figure!
The Exfactor and I had our "patat and croquetten" for dinner and they tasted very good. We could hardly finish them, though, despite the fact that Tyke helped us eat them. Tyke was really surprised because we normally do not eat food like that and I think this may have been one of the very few times that he tasted fries. At least they weren't greasy, so I did not feel too bad about giving him any. Gandhi thought she liked croquetten too and begged for them, but then refused to eat anything we offered her. I think it was the fact that we were eating something new that attracted her.
We had chocolate mousse for dessert and the Exfactor ate only one portion, while he had brought four of them. That leaves me with two more to eat and I am looking forward to that. As you can tell, I am not the least bit worried about my figure, because last night I had ice cream and I am really overdosing on sweet things. It is only once in a while that I do, though, since dessert usually is made of dairy products and I do pay the price when I eat them. I very willingly do, so I don't mind it, really. I even wonder why I bother to avoid them considering the joy I get out of eating them. How is that for logic?
I can tell how normal the mood is that I am in because of the very boring nature of my blog post. I never write about anything exciting when I exist in a "gray area." I am very happy about this myself and would almost wish to always write boring posts. Let's hope that I do for a long time. Not for your sakes, but for mine.

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Gail said...

Your posts are never boring!