Monday, January 27, 2014

With the best of intentions

Today is the day I switch internet providers and the Exfactor will be over later this morning to install the new modem. There are instruction that come with it, but I don't quite trust myself to do it right. He is more technically gifted than I am and sees how things are supposed to work in an instant. That makes him a handy person to have around when it comes to these kinds of things, but I am going to watch him install it so I will know how to do it in the future. I don't like being a helpless female and I like to know how things work. In the end it all has to be very logical, after all, and according to me I have to be able to learn how to do it. 

I also have an appointment with my psychiatrist for which I am not really prepared in the sense that I have not thought much about what I want to discuss. I suppose we will talk about my small bout with depression (which was awful) and how I got over that. It is strange how I at the same time had a bout of the flu and increased problems with my fibromyalgia and I wonder if all of that was a coincidence? I personally think it was not and that they all were related (if not the same thing expressed in different ways) and that this is the reason why I was so miserable. I certainly hope I will never have another experience like it. 

I have made a shopping list and put on it all the things I like to eat because I thought that I had not eaten  all that very well lately in order not to spend too much money. It is possible to go to extremes when it comes to that and to only eat the most basic foods that are not much fun and barely nutritious. Today's shopping list certainly looks different and dinner will be an event I look forward to this week. I have meals on there that fit the time of year and that are typically Dutch. With the weather the way it is right now, they will be very welcome. I may not eat like the king, but the food will be very tasty. 

Some time during the night, it has stopped raining and it is silent now outside. With a little bit of luck it will stay dry so that I will be able to ride my bike to my appointment without getting wet. I will say a little prayer to the weather gods before I get on my way. 

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Wisewebwoman said...

I love planning meals and being creative as I just love to eat. I try and concentrate on healthy and make my own bread/yogurt/preserves, etc which has the added benefit of cutting costs.