Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Something substantial...

I realize a blog post has to be about more than whether or not I very much need this cup of coffee I am having now, although I do. I feel it lifting my spirits as I write this, and I wasn't worth much when I started to. But sometimes you have to start writing about something very simple like a cup of coffee to get in the proper mood, both figuratively and literally, and it's very often how I start my blog posts.
Coffee is of such significance to me. Whether or not I have had some, is almost a matter of life or death. The presence or absence of caffeine can make me or break me, as you would have witnessed if you had seen me draped over the kitchen counter while I waited for this pot to be done brewing. I would have been ready to kill myself if there had been any sort of a hitch in the system.
And you think I say that jokingly.
Nothing could be further from the truth, although I don't think I would be ready to give my life for a cup. I am just not prepared to give up my sanity and I will fight you tooth and nail over a cup of coffee when I am badly in need of one.
At least I've got my sanity back now and I can think coherently and I am ever so grateful for that. I even like myself again, which I didn't a while ago. I was ready to drink poison if I could have laid my hands on it. It's amazing what caffeine withdrawal will do with your poor brain cells, or is it just the fact that I am up in the middle of the night? Possibly I should have gone straight back to bed after I had gone to the toilet.
But that was too simple, of course.
You can't say that I ever choose the easy way out. I am stubborn and will always do things the hard way, simply because I can. Now that I have had my second cup of coffee, that is one thing that is very clear to me.

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