Friday, January 17, 2014

Silly things...

I woke up a while ago completely sober of mind and I knew that just about everything I had done in the past weeks or so had been silly things. I did not in the least condemn myself for that, but looked at it with kind of an amusement and was relieved that I could do so with such clarity. It was like stepping off a rollercoaster and standing on solid ground again and being completely level headed. To feel so sane and to be so objective was a welcome feeling and I had been waiting for it to come about. I just had forgotten what it was like and could not beforehand predict what it would feel like. Well, it feels like having been sick and feverish and waking up healthy and noticing that it is springtime outside.
Of course, it is still winter, but you can't tell by the weather we're having because it is very mild. Mother Nature is kind to us and we will have to bring her many offerings, short of our first born children. I will take bad weather instead of that.
I have a terrific mess in the kitchen because I have not cleaned it up for two days. I will blame that on my former befuddled state of mind. Last night I had a terrific craving for ice cream and bought a liter of the raspberry kind and ate it all. It was a delicious experience, but I don't have to repeat it any time soon because that craving is completely satisfied. Thinking magically, though, I wonder if that helped me straighten out my mind? If so, maybe I should eat it once a month or so. But no, that is another kind of silly thing to think and I must not get bogged down in that train of thought.
This evening the Exfactor and I are going to eat "patat en croquetten" which is our kind of take out food. We have both not eaten it for quite a while and decided that we have a craving for it. There is a good take out place right around the corner from here which I have been able to walk by and resist the delicious smells coming from without buying anything. Some people eat it once a week, I suppose in the same way people go to McDonalds regularly. To say that I am looking forward to dinner, is to put it mildly.

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