Saturday, January 18, 2014

That was nice...

The Exfactor surprised me this morning and came over with chocolate croissants. I sure as heck wasn't counting on that, but they tasted great with my coffee. It was a very good way to start the day because I had not had breakfast yet and my stomach had just started growling. I think I could have eaten four of them, but then I really would have had to worry about my diet. I dropped a hint that he could repeat that gesture regularly, and as a matter of fact, make a habit out of it. I think Tyke and Gandhi agreed.
The sun is shining and we have a blue sky and I blame the fact that I am in a good mood on that, but it could also be the fact that it is Saturday and that I have given myself the day off. I should really be doing the dishes and hanging up the laundry, but I feel like doing neither of these chores, so let me be irresponsible and throw caution to the wind. Maybe the laundry will get mildew in the machine and the dishes will grow penicillin on them. I don't care. I just want to sit here and do pleasurable things.
The new modem of my new internet provider was just delivered and I will have to read the instructions well. If there is anything responsible I will do today, it will be that. But that is not like doing a household chore, so it doesn't count in my opinion. It will be something totally unusual and out of the ordinary and that is just my cup of tea, because I am in the mood to do unusual things.
I am getting a new computer next week and I have been putting photos and documents on a memory stick so I can transfer them. It is amazing how much memory there is on these sticks. I can still add lots of data. I am giving this old computer to the Exfactor with Windows 8.1 on it but I will have to teach him how to use it first. Once you are used to it, you don't want anything else.
I just remembered that I am also getting a tablet and that will be lots of fun because I will be able to sit in my armchair and get on the internet. That will be the ultimate form of laziness. Such luxury I am getting in my life. Maybe that is because it is now 2014 and good things are going to happen. I expect a lot from this year, but that is because last year was so bad, that this year has to be better.

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Rob-bear said...

Next news the Exfactor will have you spoiled rotten. Though, it's perhaps fair exchange for a computer. Here's hoping the new tablet does wonders for you.

Glad you are feeling a bit better; hope you had an interesting day. (You certainly spent enough of it corresponding with a Canadian Bear).

Blessings and Bear hugs!