Saturday, December 28, 2013

With the usual excitement

One thing I ought not to do again, and that is run out of tranquilizers like I did yesterday. By the time I got the emergency supply from my GP, I was just about bouncing off the walls. If that is not a good description, let's just say that I was highly agitated and it took more than one pill to settle me down again, but at least I did in the end. I think my mind wants to be hypomanic, but it is the pills that prevent it from being so. On unguarded moments, the hypomania does rear its ugly head. It is that I am so much aware of it, otherwise it would have just taken over and I would be far from home by now.
Yesterday was a very stormy day, but then it had been the night before also. Outside, the wind whipped at me from every possible direction and it was a challenge to take Tyke out for a walk,. But I have to be honest with you and tell you that I really like the violence of the wind like a true Dutch woman and like to be outside in it. Tyke must be a true Dutch dog , because he likes it stormy also, although it nearly blows him off his feet. It's at times like this, when the wind nearly blows me over, that I remember being at the seaside and having it come at me at full gale force. If anything totally and completely blows the cobwebs from your mind, it is a storm like this. It cleanses you down to your very bones.
I suppose that I am glad that it is just an ordinary weekend now and not some sort of holiday. At least we get a bit of a respite until New Year's eve when all the fireworks will be set off. I am more than ready for an ordinary weekend with ordinary television  programs, because I feel deprived of culture and I will get that starting this morning. I can't believe that I was temporarily under the illusion that I could do without a television because it is the cultural programs that I enjoy watching the most. There must be a god in heaven after all when I can get so much of it on my plate in two days worth of time. And I can do so sitting very comfortable in my big leather chair where there is room for all the paraphernalia I need to keep at hand and room for Tyke and Gandhi to sit on my lap also. What more could a woman ask for?
It is time again to appreciate the small things in life now that all the hullaballoo of Christmas is over. After all that glitz and glitter I can pay attention to what matters most in my everyday life and they are just the ordinary little things. I think that is what is so distracting about a major holiday, that you lose sight of that. I do like things a bit low key and less noisy. I don't need for things to be in an uproar for weeks on end. I have that tendency of my own enough.


Zoe Sprake said...

Being a Lowestoft girl, I always loved the seaside during a storm. Though some of the recent ones, it wasn't safe to be too close.

It's useful, I guess, to have a reminder that you take your medication for good reason.

Wisewebwoman said...

I love storms have even managed to handle boats in some of them. The wind is renewal, a making ready for new thoughts, new ideas.

Betty Bishop said...

I wonder if you have Netflix? I do and it saved my bacon this Christmas. It is wonderful because you can choose from hundreds of movies and/or TV shows Ted Talks etc and watch them at your leisure for as long or little as you like. This week I watched Dirty Dancing and a documentary about the New York Times as well as parts of various series along the lines of The Sopranos which I loved. Only $7.99 a month with first month free. I have an apple TV box so I watch them on my big screen although sometimes on my ipad or even the phone if I am in bed.
Josie and I like winter but not the bitterly cold winds this winter has given us! She just goes out and does her business in the first available spot and says "Home please!"

Friko said...

you and me both.
I am glad all the hype, the expectations and the inevitable disappointment are over.

I usually have a small supply of pills in reserve; would your GP allow you that?