Saturday, December 07, 2013

That is one way to do it...

I am basically bullshitting my way through this job application business. I send off my résumé with self assured notes that make the people who receive them think I am exactly the employee they are looking for, totally disregarding the fact that maybe I am not qualified for the job. Of course, I have a high enough opinion of myself that I think I am qualified for many of them and that I can learn any skill I don't have now. As a matter of fact, this weekend I am going to learn how to use Microsoft Word Excel because it is a  requirement for one of the jobs I applied for. Luckily, there is a Belgian website where I can learn this for free and while I am there, I will see what else I can learn that is handy. The requirements for any job are tough because people have such a high level of education here.
It is also my plan to get some extra sleep this weekend because I do realize that I function much better if I have had enough of it. Whenever I hit a point during the day that I start to feel insecure or the least bit down, I know that I need to take a solid nap and that I will feel like a reborn woman afterwards. This works so well, that I have been staying up later in the evenings and have been getting extra things done when I usually would have hit the sack much earlier. As a matter of fact, this whole realization that I have to get a job has made me more alert and engaged and has put a different perspective on all the things I do during the day. It certainly has changed the emphasis on what is important and what isn't. A lot of little things don't seem to matter so much anymore.
My physical health has taken a backseat and, although I still am in pain, I don't pay attention to it so much and figure that in the end it doesn't matter until I have the time to properly take care of the underlying cause. If I get a job, this may not be for some time because I am sure I will not be able to take time off for surgery. I will walk around with a bum knee and accept that. I don't mind not being preoccupied with my body and letting something else be more important now. I am certainly not going to use it as an excuse not to reach my goal because I don't have the luxury to afford that. I don't want to feel helpless now but empowered.
I like having this faith in myself and to think I can succeed. There is much possible in my opinion and I do as yet not have much fear in my heart. I think I did for the first 24 hours, but I got over that. No doubt this will return at the appropriate times. I just have to keep acting like I can pull this off and that I will recuperate from the tough moments.


Wisewebwoman said...

When we cease to learn we cease to live.

You are living it.



Maggie May said...

Well done with the job application.
I've just caught up with a few of your posts that I missed.
All the best. Hope you get fixed up.
Maggie x

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