Tuesday, December 10, 2013

For an encore?

Hypomania has really and truly left my body and mind and I can say that I am back to 'normal' now. Let me assure you that in my case, that is the preferable state to be in. I like nothing better than not feeling much one way or the other, but just something in the middle in a neutral place. That way I don't get excited to any extreme and don't have an outspoken opinion on everything. I don't feel that I have to add a deed to every word I say, or act on every impulsive thought. Quiet reins in my head.
Yesterday was a day of transition. I left the hypomania behind me and had come down a bit hard on the other side and I felt rather down for the most part of the day. I was actually grumpy and felt like picking fights with people, so it was best that I spent as much time as I could on my own. I can claim that I have recuperated from that mood, but I have to have a fresh cup of coffee first to be completely sure. When faced with a new day, things are not always that obvious right away.
If you believe in the gods, then fresh cups of coffee are gifts from them and that is what I am appreciating now. What a difference that makes! Caffeine is the friendliest drug I know.
I immediately am having a hot flash and have to take off my bathrobe, but that does feel pleasant. That is just about a thrill a minute and I thought my life was getting boring. I need not have worried and it looks like I am going to have my little share of excitement anyway. And, let's face it. I am hooked on it. I don't do dull very well and, now that I think of it, it may just be that that is what being 'normal' is all about. I take back whatever I said earlier and dismiss it as poppycock.

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