Friday, December 13, 2013

Feeling good and feeling better.

There is a fine line between feeling good and feeling too good and I am going to always be suspicious of feeling the latter considering my last bouts with that. Yesterday, I took steps to change energy and internet providers and I wonder if it is only saving money that motivates me or the thrill of doing something new. They were two separate actions taken some hours apart and I was not feeling any pain when I made the decisions. It is true that I am getting a faster, wireless internet connection for less money and a free tablet for signing up and that there are no hook up charges, so where's the catch? The internet provider I have now thought it had the monopoly and that it could charge whatever it wanted. Thank goodness for a free market.
But that still does not explain the state of mind that prompted me to make those changes and that is what I have to be careful of.
I have also taken my television out of the living room and I am going to cancel the cable connection for it. It wasn't one of those flat screens, but an older model that I have had for many years. I have put an armchair with a side table in its place and I think I like it better. I have put the radio in a more prominent place and listened to that last night. I can watch whatever television program I missed almost instantly on the internet, but that is me trying to reason my way through this whole decision. I will find a good excuse for anything I do. That doesn't make it logical, although I can make it sound that way.
Someone is giving me a good, red, leather armchair this Saturday and I am making a place for it now. This is actually one of the things that prompted me to get rid of the television because it was taking up too much room, and don't you hate always having to decorate around it? Televisions have always been the bane of my life in that regard. I remember wanting to just toss it out in former lives, but I always had to keep the children and my husband in mind. Well, now I only have to think about my own inconvenience and preferred decorating tastes. We will see how much I suffer for not having one and how stoic I can be.


Connie Rose said...

Those sound like very reasonable and logical decisions. As you know, I don't have TV and I love that. I'm already paying for an internet connection, why in the world would I want to pay for cable as well...and have to sit through inane, disruptive commercials? I think it makes perfect sense to look at these things periodically and make new decisions, especially cost-saving ones. More power to you! xoxo

Gail said...

Sounds like a good decision to me. Many have dumped their televisions.