Thursday, December 19, 2013

Such peace...

Today I got my Christmas care package and a big heavy box it was too. There turned out to be all sorts of good things to eat in it and I am going to have to share some of them because I will not be able to eat them all by myself. I am sure Tyke and the Exfactor will not have any problem with that and, as a matter of fact, the Exfactor is coming to help drink the bottle of red wine tomorrow evening. There was a box of chocolates in there too, but I am managing not to be greedy and eat those just now. I think I will save them for my niece and nephew because that much sugar is not good for me. Just because you have something, doesn't mean you have to eat it.
There was liquid coffee creamer in the care package and I must say that I was happy with that and I have been putting it in my coffee. It is something that I normally do not allow myself and I only have a jar of the powdered kind in the kitchen. I am not that fond of it, so this creamer is a real treat and has me drink coffee a little later this evening. This afternoon I tried to drink coffee that was all decaf, but I turned into an inanimate object from it, so that was no success and I quickly made some half and half. I was restored to a living, breathing human being quickly, although I must say, a very peaceful one. I've got the increased dose of medicine to thank for that.
The hormone injection that Tyke had over a year ago, and that worked the same as if he had been castrated, has finally stopped working and he has started lording it over Gandhi again. He is constantly asserting his place in the hierarchy here in the household. I am at the top and he wants Gandhi to be at the bottom. Outside he is also much more busy setting out his territory, so I am going to have to scrape some money together to take him to the vet for another injection. It will be a high priority for the sake of Gandhi.
Tomorrow morning I have to donate some blood at the GP's office to see if I still have a vitamin D deficiency, although it would surprise me if I did because I have been taking all sorts of supplements. Even if it turns out that I do not, I will still keep taking the supplements, because that sort of deficiency is a common problem with women my age and I think even older men have to be careful of that. At least I don't have to be sober and I can have a cup of coffee before I donate blood for the test.  


Rob-bear said...

Nothing quite so much fun as a Christmas "care package." And I can see yours was very well stocked! That should keep you going for a week or so.

As for Tyke, it seems he has forgotten his manners. Which is too bad. Perhaps you should warn him that the next trip to the vet could include a "snip, snip" if he doesn't start behaving. Not that your threat would amount to much, as far as Tyke goes. But you could try it.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

A care package! Fun!
I never heard of a hormone injection for a dog--we had ours "fixed," that is what everyone does here. What is the benefit of an injection?