Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sooner rather than later...

I only lasted without my television for a few days and yesterday I had the Exfactor put it back in the living room in a new spot I had created for it. I had enjoyed listening to the intelligent programs on the public broadcasting radio station, but I missed the opportunity of just vegging out with my dinner plate while watching the news. It is true that I also only watch the public broadcasting television stations, so I am mostly exposed to good quality programs anyway.
I found that I did not watch what I missed on the internet because it was too much of a bother, so I was slowly becoming deprived. There were two very good programs on yesterday evening: one about nature and one about language, and I stayed up late watching them in my comfortable armchair. I feel like I have been fulfilled again.
I saw my original orthopedic surgeon yesterday morning and found out exactly what he did during the first surgery to my knee, and it turned out that my GP had read the report on it wrong and that he really only had operated on my inside meniscus. He was puzzled that my knee still hurt 4 months after I had reinjured it and he had told me that there was nothing seriously wrong with it. He asked me if I still trusted him well enough for him to re-examine my knee and treat it again as necessary. Since his attitude was so good, I decided that I did.
I have probably torn the other meniscus, but a scan needs to be made of it first and that will be done after the holidays. After he had prodded and poked it, my knee was pretty sore for the rest of the day and I was somewhat limited in my movements. Even now, it does not feel all that great. I keep the walks that I make with Tyke on the short side and do not ride my bicycle at all. I was supposed to have gone grocery shopping on it yesterday, but the Exfactor was kind enough to do that for me instead.
I feel that discussing my mental state will put a jinx on it, and that maybe the opposite of what I declare will prove to be true, so I better not do that. Besides, I will be more sure of myself after I have taken my morning medication in a while. That always does make a difference.

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Maggie May said...

Sorry to hear that you think you have a further knee problem and also after reading the previous post I feel for you about that too. Life isn't always fair, is it?
Maggie x

Nuts in May