Sunday, December 15, 2013

The big red leather chair.

The red leather chair was dropped off yesterday morning and it is a very nice one indeed. It looks brand new and like it came just off the showroom floor. I had already made a space ready for it, but I am having a heck of a time getting used to it and am finding myself continually decorating the living room around it. It already had touches of red in it, but I found that I had to add more of them in the form of accessories without overdoing it and that I had to rearrange some of the other furniture several times before it looked right. I had to take one armchair and ottoman out because the room looked to cluttered no matter how stubbornly I arranged it, and that is after already taking out the television. Now I have to do a bit of rearranging in the guest bedroom to make room for the armchair and ottoman.
It's a good thing that the other calling I had, but never became as a professional, is interior designer, so I do have the patience to do this and can walk away from the job when I don't know the answer right away. I can mull things over in my mind and sleep on it one night and continue the next day. I do know enough when things are out of balance and absolutely don't work and when a room does not look welcoming. I also know how to make do with what limited resources I have and how to use my imagination. Another thing I know, is that I am very fond of the color red and have slowly been making it the focal color of the living room. It makes me think of Spain and Mexico.
Yesterday afternoon my sister and I brought back one of the watercolors that I had bought two years ago on a pay off plan, but could no longer afford to pay for. It was the beautiful, intense deeply painted one of the yellow tulips and I hated to let it go, but that's life. We drove to the small village where the artist had her showroom and I, of course, enjoyed myself very much by looking at all the other beautiful work. When I can afford it again, I will buy another watercolor and, as a Christmas gift, the artist gave me a small watercolor that compliments the one I still have at home, so it was my lucky day. I found a spot for it right away when I got back, which is right by my armchair.
As is usual, life is a mixed bag of losses and gains and it is best to concentrate on the gains and let them weigh most. It is the kind gestures of people that are important that I have to value and am most happy with, because they usually come out of the blue when I don't expect them at all. Life is full of hits and misses and completely unpredictable.


Friko said...

Looks like you have a whole new flat for Christmas, with you putting in final artistic touches.

I love rearranging furniture. I’ve also had my eye on a painting. I hope it’s still there when I’ve saved enough to buy it.

Wisewebwoman said...

Red is a theme of mine too. I never had the chance to play much with space until I moved here and slowed down. I recently gave away an antique coffee table. It took up too much space. I was shocked that the room opened up so much without it. Coffee tables are fairly useless, too low, too big and can be a clutter catcher.
PS your new room sounds wonderful.

Maggie May said...

I've just been doing a big catch up on your blog. I haven't visited for several days. I see you have been through the mill but glad you're feeling better now.
I am wondering where the big red chair came from?
I can remember that you once said that you do like red ages ago. Anyway, I hope you manage to get everything sorted out the way you want.
Maggie x

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