Thursday, December 26, 2013


Tomorrow's shopping list has been made and, by carefully picking and choosing, I've made it come in under the budget with pennies to spare. It's a good thing I know what the total will be at the check out stand, and that I know I will have to stick to the list. There will be no impromptu purchases tomorrow. It is not allowed by order of law. It's also a good thing that my cravings were satisfied yesterday at my sister's house so I won't have to buy something like chocolate or ice cream. I think a Christmas dinner is supposed to take care of all of that sort of nonsense so you get it out of your system for the next 6 months or until the 4th of July.
One thing I will be glad of and that is when normal television programming resumes. There has been such drivel on TV theses last few days that I have hardly watched it. We did once again assure everyone of the fact that we are a Christian nation, because that must not have escaped anyone's attention and I thought Christmas was a secular enough holiday by now. We have enough people living here of other ethnicity that I thought we didn't have to lay it  on so thick, but I was mistaken. People who never saw Jesus as their personal savior, suddenly sang how much they adored him on national television.
Because I wanted Tyke to have a holiday feast also, he had fried ground pork for breakfast and dinner and green beans for lunch and he has never been as happy and satisfied. I am seriously contemplating always feeing him like this, because it may be better for him and cause him to lose weight. The pork was very lean and I didn't season it. I will have to go to the supermarket's website and price the large packs of ground pork and see if they are as expensive as buying dog food. I may have to adjust my shopping list yet.
Tomorrow morning I have to call the GP's office to ask about the test result for the vitamin D deficiency, which I forgot to do before the holidays. I also have to ask her to write a prescription for tranquilizers because I just took the last one. My psychiatrist is not going to be back in his office until Monday so my GP will have to do the honors. I can't do without the tranquilizers because I get way too stressed. I can't believe the difference between me on them and off. I had not really realized how much stress I always walked around with until I stopped feeling it. Now I don't want to feel it again at all.


Connie Rose said...

Before you feed Tyke any more pork, I would do some research on google to see whether it would really be good for him or not. Most foods that are "good" for humans can be lethal to dogs and cats. Their systems are very different from ours. Otherwise, have a great evening! xoxo

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Staying under budget is half the battle I think. I hope your day was merry--and full of goodwill!

Gail said...

Many have no money so staying under budget is a great job.

Sounds like a wonderful feast at your sister's.

Happy New Year.

Friko said...

Christmas has been a bit of a piggy time here too and I shall have to get off the sugar again.

My best wishes for a happy and maybe even healthy new year; that is if we are still alive after the gales buffeting the house.

Rob-bear said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, and have now recovered from that. Back into the daily life of shopping list, medication gathering, and animal feeding. The very regularity of the "now" moments.

Blessings and Bear hugs as you go about your now moments. Blessings for 2014 as well.