Thursday, December 26, 2013

Just roll me out the door.

Instead of going to bed where I belong at this time of night, I am making this Christmas day last longer by staying up later because I had a good evening and now I am not in the mood to go to sleep. My stomach is full also and I would have to roll myself into the bedroom, so I better stay up for a bit and let everything settle first.
My sister fixed a great vegetarian Christmas dinner and I was not shy about piling the food on my plate. One of the dishes she made was lasagna with eggplant and fennel and I had two helpings of it. I will have to get the recipe because it's been a long time since I tasted anything so good. She also made an indescribable dessert that was like an angel peeing on your tongue, as we say here in the Netherlands, and I had a helping and a half of that. I think I made up for all the food I could not eat at one time.

We started the evening off with a bubbly wine and even I had two glasses of it and very much appreciated how sparkly and fresh it tasted. I then, to my own astonishment, had a glass of white wine with dinner. Really! This happens only ones a year and I have to say that whatever inhibitions I may have had about that disappeared as snow for the sun. I did have a strong cup of coffee with my dessert, so no harm was done. I need not have worried about getting tipsy. After all, wine is such a benign alcoholic beverage.
Actually, I ate just enough food and was not really uncomfortably full. The best part was that my stomach did not protest at any point and that can be called a true miracle. I think it may have had to do with the fact that the food was so wholesome and prepared well. Even now, some hours later, I am not feeling any pain and that is saying a lot for my delicate system. All kudos go to my sister.
Now that I am cozily ensconced here, it is hard to make up my mind to go to bed. I have the excuse that I can sleep late in the morning, but it may be that Tyke will be of a different opinion. It is another holiday here on Thursday, so I can be as lazy as I want to be. I have no idea if any store is going to be open, although a supermarket may be for a few hours.
I was disguised like a lady today and hardly recognized myself.



Rob-bear said...

Glad you ate well with no repercussions. This is good news. As for Tyke, he will get you going when he needs to, so no point is rising before him.

Your Christmas day sounds delightful. We had our whole family here, both last night and again tis afternoon.

I think tomorrow is also a holiday here, sat least for government workers.

Blessings and Bear hug!

Wisewebwoman said...

"I was disguised like a lady today and hardly recognized myself"

good to see your sense of humour on display, Irene. Love that!

Happy Boxing Day to you.