Monday, December 02, 2013

A low key evening

It is Monday evening and I took a nap earlier because the pain medication I took at dinnertime made me feel very drowsy. It was a pleasure to lie down in bed and get an hour or so of sleep and now I feel totally refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the evening. That sounds like I have an important job to do, when that is not true at all. I can be completely relaxed and only do pleasurable things, because nothing dire is waiting for me to take care of. I think I will take advantage of the best of situations and completely indulge myself and only do uncomplicated things. Writing a blog post can be one of them, because I can keep it as simple as I want.
Of course, I am indulging in my favorite beverage, but I do wish I had some cookies or a piece of apple pie to go with it. However, if there is one thing I should not be indulging in, it is high calorie food, so I will just pretend that I had those. I have to loose a couple of kilos in that endless battle of the middle aged bulge so that my favorite clothes will look flattering on me again and not like they are a size too small. I have already started a new shopping list that reflects my new and improved diet and cuts out most of the fat. In this day and age, we can't claim ignorance about what we put in our bodies and I know very well where I make my mistakes when it comes to preparing my foods.
Gandhi has been eating so well, that she has gained weight too and that was necessary, because she was eating so badly for a while, that she had become scrawny. At first she was being very finicky about which food she would eat and I could only give her one of the most expensive kinds, but now she will accept any food that is of a good quality and she fills her stomach until it is round. It is a real pleasure to see her have a good appetite after watching her do battle with her food so often. I do want her to enjoy her meals now that she is an 'older' lady. Besides, there is nothing like the weight of a hefty cat lying on your lap.
Because of my financial situation, it looks like I am going to have to get a real paying job, even though because of circumstances, that is going to be real difficult. It's a reality I have to face. I hope some employer out there is looking for somebody just like me.

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Rob-bear said...

I am glad to hear that you are having a rested and enjoyable evening. An evening spent in "trying to stay awake until bed time" is not a lot of fun.

I have been losing weight happily, without too much worry. I suppose I need to be more careful about what I eat, but that is a lot of bother. I'm finding that some of my older, and quite nice, clothes are starting to fit me well.

Job hunting is not an easy task, but I think each of us has things we do well, and there are employers are looking for somebody just like us. Best wines in that plan.

Blessings and Bear hugs!