Sunday, December 22, 2013

On a good day...

Although it is a Sunday, and officially a day of rest, I am doing the chores because I had been lying down on the job these last few days and had not got around to them. I very cheerfully started off with three days worth of dishes and they looked a bit daunting to start with, but when I was halfway through them, I had gotten up to the proper speed and I was ready to tackle whatever came next. The washing machine is churning away now after I collected as much laundry as I could and I have folded and put away what was on the clothing rack.
It seems impossible that I am having fun doing these boring chores, but I am actually enjoying myself. I am going to strip my bed next so I will have the pleasure of sleeping under clean covers tonight. I am doing whatever I can to make my surroundings as pleasant as possible and my living experience the optimal I can make it. With a bit of imagination, I will think of other things to do that will bring that about.
Of course, I am not going to create so much work for myself that it stops being fun. The whole point is to enjoy myself and that does not mean a day of drudgery. And I also have to remember to very much live in the moment and to not plan my day too much ahead of time. It would spoil all the fun if I tried to live it according to some sort of tight schedule.
The less nice thing is that it is a wet gray day outside and not one that makes me want to go for long walks with Tyke.That would definitely not be an enjoyable thing to do, though getting a bit wet is not the worst part. It is the cold wind that blows that is the worst. I am grateful for hot cups of coffee on a day like this. Cold lemonade just does not cut it.


Wisewebwoman said...

Lovely you are up and attem again Irene. We all need downtime and often don't realize it. Guilty here too :)


Maggie May said...

Glad you are getting pleasure from the simple acts of cleaning up. Although I don't enjoy chores, I love the feeling of satisfaction afterwards.

Just got in from some shopping before the sky emptied down hail stones and strong gusts of wind. The sky's gone black!
Phew! Saved a soaking.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Betty Bishop said...

Wow! You are a writer and a very good writer. Getting right to the meat of it - right to the bottom line. I happened to read your comment about your daughter in The Other Side of Sixty. You said you still hadn't figured out why your daughter rejects you [I am paraphrasing] and I came to your blog because I wanted to say it might have more to do with her genes than with your personality.
I say this because I come from a thoroughly dysfunctional mentally unstable background. My daughters [one 58 the other 60] find me terribly lacking and don't spend any amount of time trying to disguise their feelings. Sixties kids they were and are.
The only way I can rationalize and/or bare this is to accept the fact that we are all fcuking nuts and none of us are really to blame. The fact is if I had known then what I know now I would never have had children and I don't like seeing my grandchildren having children. For whatever reason [was it intermarriage between my great great grandparents? There was intermarriage] we are cursed.
I came to tell you not to blame yourself and I find out you are also fcuking nuts!! As am I with the papers to prove it - 13 years I spent sitting across from my shrink - the 5 years spent with prozac - the seldom taken anti depressant now.
Honey its not our fault. It is the luck of the draw. In my opinion, after reading 2 and a bit of your posts you are a hellishly talented survivor. A writer at the very core of your being.
Isn't the internet a wonderful place!
I hope I haven't said anything disturbing but if I have just mark it down to MY genes!
take care and good health in 2014,