Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not going there!

There's one place I'm not going and that's back to bed, because I have to go see my SPN today and I'm worried about sleeping too late and not getting my act together on time. I do need a certain amount of time after I wake up to sit around and drink coffee and smoke cigarettes and do nothing for a while but stare into the middle distance and pet the dog. So, I've got to make myself another cup of coffee and then another one and be fully awake for the rest of the time until I leave. I've also got to go by the post office to drop some packages off on the way there. That means I have to leave a little earlier, as there is always a line there of people having to do complicated things, such as mail ten different sized packages to Shanghai and nine other cities in the Far East.

I'm walking, of course, and the sidewalks are still icy, so I have to tread with care. Today we are expecting both snow and rain, because the temperature is going to be 1C and that is just cold/warm enough for both. I sure hope none of it comes down while I'm out and about, but I'll wear my long coat and my snow hat and be prepared and carry an umbrella too. When I get back, my sister and I are going grocery shopping, which is good, because I'm all out of sugar and the dog is nearly all out of treats. The cats are out of their food in pouches and they do beg for it, those poor things. You'd think a calamity had struck them the way they stand there and wail like banshees and bleat like goats. They pull their whole repertoire out of the closet.

So, if I'm not going back to bed, I'll be forced to keep myself occupied in a different manner and I've decided that will be by doing some housework. I have to do dishes and clean up the kitchen (again) and do laundry. I also need to vacuum the living room and dust the furniture and water the plants. I'll take it one chore at the time and not try to overwhelm myself by trying to do to many things all at once. I'm not the young, indefatigable chick I used to be. It wears me out to drag the vacuum cleaner around and shove that hose around. I don't do it with any pleasure at all, except for the result afterwards, but it gets old after you've done it a 1,000 times in your life. Housewives never get a job promotion.

My regular telephone isn't working and I've just tried to replace the rechargeable batteries with some that I still had, but they didn't work. So now I'm recharging those batteries in the hope that when I replace them again, they will work and I won't have to buy a new telephone. Not that new telephones have to be that expensive. I just wasn't counting on it this month. I can't call out or receive calls, so I have to rely on my mobile phone. Yes. I would love to go out and buy a new telephone, a really nice and neat one, but I don't need it. I hardly make phone calls. As a matter of fact, I may as well give up my regular phone and just use my mobile phone. I may be cheaper of, because I already make most calls from my mobile phone. That's where all the numbers are stored after all.

I hear my bed calling me, but I'm not going there. At the most I'll go lie down on the sofa, after I've done some chores. It's time for me to change the sheets on my bed anyway. It will be nice to get into a clean bed tonight. There's nothing like it. That's a chore I'll gladly do. The reward is great.

I think what I'll do first is walk the dog and get a good bit of fresh air. It's -3C outside and that ought to wake me up well. It will be invigorating anyway. Watch me seize the day and make something of it. Ha, if I don't fall asleep halfway through it. Getting dressed is the hardest part. I'm so comfortable and warm in my bathrobe and slippers, the thought of taking them off doesn't appeal to me very much.

She who must go and suffer greets you!



Twain12 said...

good luck today walking in this. -18 C here right now but it's still early and the high is suppose to be -8C which isn't to bad for walking the dogs. Have a nice day :)

Dave King said...

I can only say I admire your fortitude. I offered to go out, but fortunately my wife vetoed it - as I knew she would! Good luck.

Gail said...

Be careful, have fun and we must have a report.

Babaloo said...

I hope you didn't suffer too much...

On getting rid of your landline - do you need one for your internet? Some companies have packages and your internet could get more expensive if you cancel the phone part. But if that's not the case, then you could be better off with just your mobile phone. Overseas calls could go through Skype if the person at the other end also has internet... just a thought.

Wisewebwoman said...

Funny you should blog about the landline, GSW, I was thinking of unleashing myself from the cell phone, HA!
I've been reading that more and more people are getting into 'slow' living which is part of what I'm attempting to do. I could not live without the Interwebz however.
Let us know about your vertical day....