Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yes, I know...

I'm up in the middle of the night. I woke up at 2:30 am and was wide awake and not a bone in my body thought about going back to bed. All I could think of was getting up and having myself a cup of coffee and a lovely solitary time behind the computer. It doesn't make any difference anyway. I slept all night the other night and yesterday I napped on the sofa almost all day, in between reading my book, and felt grouchy most of the day. The only time I felt good was later in the evening, after I had some cups of coffee and wrote this post, which you really shouldn't miss, because it's so upbeat and interesting if you like books.

So, I guess I am not that impressed with the positive effects of a whole night's sleep. I think an interrupted sleep works just as well, if not better, and I seem to get through the day in a more positive way too. It is like some of you said, as long as I get my sleep, it doesn't matter when I get it and I do want to take advantage of the periods in my 24 hour cycle when I am most happy, such as right now. I wasn't happy during the day yesterday, but saw everything with gloom and doom and only my book and my naps saved me from sinking into a deep hole. I suppose I don't handle the daytime well. I think it's the worst time in the 24 hour cycle.

It's lovely to be up now and have my coffee and cigarettes and see the dog appear every now and then, who comes to see what I am doing and then retreats back to the bedroom to sleep. The cats are also so occupied.

It's actually not freezing outside. It's 4C and raining and more of the ice has melted, although it still looks like a big mess out there. It's not going to be freezing anymore for the next couple of days, so maybe we will get rid of all this slush. Everyone who loves to skate will not like it, but the rest of us will breathe a sigh of relief when all the ice is gone. The Exfactor used my bike the other day and it has left a dried up puddle of mud in the hallway. It's another one of those chores that needs to get done.

I've finished the first chapter of 'Prodigal Summer' and started on the second one. I already love the book. It is so full of interesting bits of information and so well written without any awkwardness in the sentences. You never have to read a sentence twice to make sure of what you just read. It flows like a stream in a meadow, very naturally and smoothly. It's a narrative tale and it's just like somebody is telling you a very fascinating story. It's written with love and attention to detail.

Well, I'm sitting here sunk away in my own thoughts and remembering all the books I've read and how many of them I'd like to read again. I will get to that point sooner or later. There are so many novels to read still and so many new ones coming out each year in paperback. I've got plenty of catching up to do. I'm not worried about running out of reading material and there are always people telling me about authors they've read and loved. Because of a friend of mine, I read the novels of Garcia Marquez and really enjoyed them, but when I started to read his autobiography I didn't like it, because I thought he was an exaggerator who made things up, which is really the power of his novels, the fact that he can make up the most fantastical things. I suppose I just didn't want him to do it about his real life. At least, that's the impression I got.

I was into reading (auto)biographies for a while, but have since lost interest in them. There were a few people I was curious about and I read their's and maybe in the future I will read more, but I almost think it is better not to know too much about the people whose work you admire and let the work speak for itself, at least until you're done with it, otherwise you'll never approach it with the same unbiased feelings again. There's a lot I don't want to know. I don't need to know about the private lives of these people.

In the meantime, between being lost in thoughts and answering emails and writing this post, it has become morning and I have to eat breakfast and go back to bed. I am more than looking forward to it. The alarm clock has gone off already, so I won't be awakened by it. I have taken my medicines and I am ready to go read my book.

I wish you all a very nice Sunday and lots of pleasant weather and many good books to read.



Gail said...

Sounds like you have a fantastic start to delightful day. Enjoy.

Maggie May said...

Today has been sunny & I've been out and everything seems brighter.

Hope ou have had a bright day too.X

Nuts in May

Wisewebwoman said...

Books. What would we do without them?
And did you know that all novelists are liars? I learned that in my workshops. That is how we create. We embroider reality. It is instinctive. Though that said, I should mention that I keep the blog honest!

Twain12 said...

i looked up Prodigal Summer and added it to my Amazon wish list...great tip thank you.