Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Music to write by...

I woke up in the middle of the night in a sweat and decided to get up to cool off. I sleep on top of a towel, so all I have to do is change the towel and put on a different T-shirt, but it's been nice to sit here and feel my body cool off. I've got the thermostat set at 19C, so it's perfect in here. I haven't gotten cold yet and I'm sitting here in my T-shirt and leggings and nothing else, but sooner or later, after I've sufficiently cooled off, I will have to put my bathrobe and slippers on.

In the meantime, I'm drinking coffee, which you'll all agree is not very conducive to nighttime rest, but then I am not a seeker thereof. All I want to do right now is enjoy my time here all alone in the middle of the night behind the computer by the light of my desk lamp. I'm listening to music on Deezer and wishing I could turn it up a little bit louder, but I can't because the neighbors are asleep. I really need a pair of headphones. I'll put that on my list of wishes that is of yet unwritten. I should really start writing these things down, don't you think? They could make possible birthday presents, since that's the only time of the year I'm allowed to indulge in such wishful thinking.

Well, never mind. It is possible for me to buy those things for myself. I certainly don't have to wait for someone to buy them for me. I will go to Mediamarkt and find out what those things cost, after I get over my agoraphobia. I also need to buy a new cartridge for my printer, the one I have has only been printing red for the longest time. If I want to print anything decent, it's about time I have a new cartridge, because I do have some plans with it. I want to try printing on different kinds of paper and see what kind of results that gives me. If anybody has any experience with this, please let me know.

Now I'm cold and Ive had to put my bathrobe and slippers on and turn the heater up, but I've been sitting here for a long time. As is usual, it's taking me forever to write this post, because I'm continually distracted by my own thoughts. Those are all the things that go through my head that I don't write down and maybe I should, but they are very private. It's my inner world that I don't share with anybody, really. We all have that, don't we? Our most private self that nobody else knows about?

Now I think I will go to bed again. I will eat some breakfast and take my medicines and get nice and comfortable under the duvet with as many clothes on as I can stand. I may even wear socks.

Have a good morning! Hope the sun shines for you.



Babaloo said...

Good morning! It's gale force winds here and heavy rain. We will have flooding soon because the ground is still frozen and can't absorb any of the water that's coming down in buckets from the sky. I much preferred the snow and ice.

All the family went back to bed after breakfast, Felix, the dogs and even the cat. He is sitting on the window sill looking out at the horrible, horrible weather. I will not be doing anything today. Well, except try and keep the water in our front garden from getting as high as the door.


Twain12 said...

I hope you have a great day

laurie said...

such weather you have been having. worse than ours! and at least we're prepared for it.

i love that middle-of-the-night feeling that you describe so well. i am not a night person--out like a light by 10 or 10:30, most nights. but on weekends sometimes, i stay up and doug and the dogs go to bed and i love the dark and the silence and the long leisurely hours....