Friday, January 08, 2010

So early in the morning, tra la la...

I'm sitting here with my bathrobe and my slippers on being cold and it isn't really cold in here at all, it is just the suggestion of cold, because it is so cold and snowy outside. It's -6C and snowing and I just let Jesker out back for a piddle and it was freezing! Well, of course, it's -6C.

I haven't had enough sleep yet and shortly I will go back to bed, but I had to get up for a while and have some coffee and my cigarettes and sit here very cozily behind the computer, as is my habit in the morning. I went to bed late last night, because I wasn't paying attention to what time it was and it got away from me and before I knew it, it was late and past my bedtime. I like to be in bed by 10 o'clock at the latest, but it was well after 11 before I got under the covers last night. Then I woke up at 4:30 this morning and thought I was done sleeping. Well, I'm not, obviously, but I am going to take my medicines and have some breakfast first and then get back under the duvet. I'm looking forward to that already.

I got my card swap package all ready to go. I've put together quite a package of cards and papers, both old and new. I have a whole collection of old postcards that I could chose from and I picked out the prettiest ones. I also put in new cards and pretty papers to use for collages. This is the first time I have participated in a swap, so it is a whole new terrain for me and I have to figure out how to best do it. I'll see when I get my package how it's best done. I'm very curious to see what will be in it.

I think today I will get the photo agendas. I'm kind of counting on it. If I get them on time, I may be able to walk to the post office, if not, I will have to wait until next week. I have found out that walking somewhere is easier than riding my bike. I feel less vulnerable. I suppose that I feel like less of a target. There was a time when I used to walk into downtown several times a week. Maybe I will be able to do that again. I would take the bus, but it's too expensive. I could take the bus part of the way there and then walk the rest of the way. I'll see. Walking would be good for me.

I've gotten three mooched books in the mail in the past two days and have to find room for them on the bookcase. They are so nice looking and come from very caring owners. The kind that don't break the spine of a book. Toby has gotten in the habit of sleeping in the bottom cubicle of the bookcase behind a row of books. I keep empty envelopes there and he likes to sleep on top of them with the result that he knocks the books over. I will have to pack them in so tightly that he won't be able to do that anymore. Ha, there's a method to my madness. I like to pack the books in tightly, so they will stay in place, right on the edge and I won't have to dust there. Believe me, I always have a lot of dust and less than enough interest in dusting. Sometimes I get very industrious and move all the books and clean the whole bookcase, but that only happens a few times a year.

Well, now I have to take my medicines and eat breakfast and go back to bed for a few more hours sleep. I feel in my bones that I need to do that. I will be full of happiness when I wake up again.

Have a good morning.



jeannette stgermain said...

Waauw, Irene -6 degrees! that's pretty cold for Holland!! You're taking it well:)

Maggie May said...

The sun is shining but it is still not enough to get rid of the snow. I have used the last of our salt on our front pavement. cannot get any more for love or money!
I have had to put hot cloths on our bin & hack of ice to get the lid to open. Was good that I met several neighbours while I did that, who otherwise wouldn't have stopped to talk to me. The man next door said he thought it was really good that I could laugh about my turban & slow hair loss. He started to relax when I talked to him about it.Will be easier for him to talk to me next time. People are embarrassed to speak.

I shall be interested to see what you receive in your card collection. Maybe you could take photos of it when it arrives.
I think you will be far safer walking than riding a bike.Do take care. I am still not risking it round the corner as the ice is still there on a slight hill. X

Nuts in May

Babaloo said...

Hope you got a good 2nd sleep in. It was -6 when I let the dogs out the back this morning at 8am. Brrr!

This card swap thing sounds interesting...

Oh, Salem loves to go into the shelf with the envelopes and piles of paper, too. We've got one in the study and he goes in there, starts scratching around on the paper until he thinks it's just right for him and then lies down on it. Honey is always there like a flash to check what he's doing and that he's not wrecking the place. She's a proper watchdog, especially where the cat is concerned. :)

Maureen said...

Oh, yes, please let us know what you get in your swap! What a great idea!

Hope the rest of the day was wonderful. Take care,

Gail said...

Say it, make it so. Happiness will be with you when you awake.

How was Half Broke Horses?

Wisewebwoman said...

that swap sounds so amazing, take a pic when you get yours.
I'm coming down with something, watched this dreadful movie, so bad that I couldn't pull my eyes away like a bad train wreck. A renowned director and great cast spewing out bilge.
time waster.
Sleep well my friend.