Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another bright and beautiful morning.

I had made a deal with my SPN that I would no longer get up in the middle of the night and stay up and play with the computer until it was morning. This in an effort to get me back to a more normal rhythm in which I might have more energy during the day to undertake things and not be asleep for half of the day. Well, I just about made it. I woke up twice during the night because of night sweats and I had to change the towel I sleep on. The second time I was very uncomfortable, because my arm also hurt, so I did get up for a while and spent some time behind the computer, but luckily, I realized on time that I should go back to bed and I did and woke up at a regular hour. So I did actually sleep a lot, because I went to bed very early last night. I wasn't in the mood to stay up and only wanted to be in bed under the duvet with my book and be nice and warm and read.

Yesterday morning, after I got dressed and walked the dog, I did not clean the apartment as I had so proudly proclaimed. I got my book and laid down on the sofa and read and took a little catnap and Toby took a little catnap on top of me. That's all the effort I put into my morning. When I got up, I had some coffee and cleaned up the kitchen and walked the dog. It was snowing outside and did so for a long time. Still, it was slippery outside in a lot of places and sometimes I'm afraid that I'm going to lose my footing and hit the deck.

I left an hour early to go to my SPN as I also had to go past the post office to mail two packages. These will be amongst the last packages that I will send, as I have quit Bookmooch. I was spending such an inordinate amount of money each month sending books to people that it just about gave me an ulcer worrying about it and I decided not to do it anymore. I will take some of the money that I spent each month and spend it on discount books I want at I will feel much better doing that. I have to send a few more books, but that will be it.

Luckily, the line at the post office was very short and I was done in no time, leaving me to make my careful way to my SPN's office. There were some tricky areas where things were very slippery, but I did not fall once, so that was good. I got there early and read a women's magazine in the waiting room. I never read those, except in the waiting room, because they give such unrealistic expectations about what a woman's life should look like. It's life seen through rose colored glasses and it bothers me that there is none of the really gritty stuff of life in them. It's not exactly feminist literature.

When I got home again, I had to call the pharmacist and make sure they had gotten my prescriptions for all my medicines and ask them to deliver them to my apartment that evening. Then I called my sister to let her know that I was home so we could go shopping. It was busy at the store, but they always have enough cash registers open so you don't really have to wait in line. I was done quickly, because I knew exactly what I had to get, which is basically always the same, give or take a little, and I was ready to go in no time. But I had to wait for my sister and when she didn't show up, I thought about giving her a call. Just as I was about to, I saw her blond head in the crowd. She had run into an acquaintance and had a chat and met the little boy who was two and adorable and she wanted to take him home with her. You see, puppies and little kids...

At home I had the fun job of putting away the groceries with the help of the animals and I gave the cats their food in the pouches, which they darn near pulled out of my hands, and the dog got his treat. I got a cup of coffee and watched some inane TV program while I made cigarettes. It's a program for people aged 55+ and they think we're all demented and can only handle very simple subjects. No intellect is required. It's so condescending. The problem is that I watched the whole program. That's how lazy I was and somewhat fascinated by it at the same time, because I kept thinking, you're addressing me? It's the same problem as with those women's magazines, no unpleasant subjects are broached.

This novel I'm reading, "Superior Women" by Alice Adams is really good. I can't wait to start reading it every time I put it down. I'm completely fascinated by it. It's got me hooked. It's a little bit dated, but it still makes for a good read.

It's supposed to get up to 4C today, so that means there should be some major melting of the snow. It's -1C now and the sun is shining. The dog is sound asleep and hasn't asked to be let out yet. I think he is getting a little demented. Sometimes he gets stuck in corners and just stands there or he just topples over. He also wanders around aimlessly in little areas as if he's confused. Outside he falls off the sidewalk and he leans his head into the wrong side of the door to get in. I don't mind. I just keep a closer eye on him. He's still a good dog.

Well, I'm getting sleepy, so I better get dressed and take him out in the fresh air. That will do us both a lot of good. These anti psychotics do make me want to fall asleep.



Twain12 said...

our postage is outrageous, it would almost cost me more to mail books then buy them and it is not hard to find books discounted so i don't blame you for not doing the book mooch anymore. Be careful walking and good luck with trying to change your routine, i know how hard that is. My internal clock is pretty hardwired to.

Babaloo said...

I think your and your SPN's plan to get you back into a regular sleeping/waking pattern is very sensible.

Pity you're quitting Bookmooch. I remember getting a lot of requests at the start and then when I add new books to my inventory. But in between that it's actually fairly quiet most months. You must have a lot more interesting books to give away than I do!

You're totally right, though, if you're spending so much money on posting books that you're worrying about it, then it's not worth it. After all, libraries are next to free! I know you like to own books but surely not all the ones you read?

Connie Rose said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. I'm going to start ordering the books you suggest from the library!
Hope things are well, otherwise. I've been offline for a few days.

Wisewebwoman said...

i read that alice adams book some years back and thoroughly enjoyed it!
As to sleep patterns, the circadian rhythm is so important to mental health, and of course the daylight factor is key also.
I agree on the postage, that put me off book mooch. I buy a lot of mine second hand and then give away.

Maureen said...

Oh I can't imagine how much it would be to post a book! Especially since I love HUGE books; if they are well written, I prefer longer stories that will last me some time to finish.

Watch your step outside; we have a lot of slush around now that will, I am sure, will turn into ice soon enough too.

Loved the part about putting away the groceries with the "help" of the cats and dog. Mine do the same; they must smell the wonderful odor of new food in the house ;)

Take care,

aims said...

Have been thinking about Jesker and came across this -

although I think the price is absolutely outrageous - perhaps with some research something else could be found?

I could never afford bookmooch so never got into it. I kept wondering how you could do it and am relieved you are quitting. I understand the obsession completely. I love books. Plain and simple and can't throw them away or give them away. It's silly I know but that's how it is. I have bookshelves overflowing everywhere.