Monday, January 18, 2010

About books...

It's early in the morning and I woke myself up, because I was talking out loud in my dreams. I was making an inventory of a house full of furniture and the Exfactor was taking notes. I was putting a value on all the different pieces, because they were all antiques and very precious. I was discussing the old pine furniture and how you couldn't just polish it with any kind of wax, because it was so valuable. There was some confusion on the Exfactor's part as to what was the old pine furniture and I was explaining it to him. I woke myself up saying, "Okay, and now we can move to the next batch." No doubt I was taking inventory of my marriage there.

Before I do anything else, I have to tell you about a place called The Book Depository. It is an on line bookstore where you can buy books at a major discount and they ship them worldwide free of charge. You should really check them out, as you can save a lot of money buying books and they have a large selection. All you need is a credit card.

I got another book recommendation from Connie Rose. She is quite a reader and I trust her judgment on what is a good book, because I know the kinds of novels she reads. This time the author is Wallace Earle Stegner and the name of the book is Angle of Repose. If you follow the links you'll find out all about it.

Babaloo told me that Until I Find You is not John Irving's latest novel. Last Night In Twisted River is. I went to and found out that it is only available now in hardback, but the price is not bad, so I put it on my wish list. Soon enough it will come out in paperback anyway.

Another author I want to recommend is Anita Shreve. I have eight of her novels and I have read her in the past. I haven't read any of the novels that I have by her now, but she also came recommended again this time by several people. Strange Fits Of Passion is a good one to start with.

Then there is an author I enjoyed very much and that is Julia Glass. I've only read one novel by her and that was Three Junes, but it was an excellent book. If you want to read an intelligent book about an interesting family than this is it. She's a completely believable and convincing writer.

If you think Joyce Carol Oates is unapproachable, you have to try and read Missing Mom. It is such a wonderful and heart wrenching novel about love and death and mothers and daughters. I've read it twice now and will no doubt read it again.

Last but not least I want to mention Sebastian Barry, because his novel The Secret Scripture made a huge impression on me and I still have to think about it, months after reading it. It is a treasure. It is so well written and the subject is so interesting that I can't get it out of my mind. Some books stick with you and this one does. Maggie May recommended that book to me and I'm grateful to her for it.

This was just a short post about books I've read or am going to read. I'm going to eat breakfast now and go back to bed with my more than interesting book. I hope you all have a good day and that you're all keeping warm and cozy.



laurie said...

"Angle of Repose" is wonderful. I liked Julia Glass's second novel, too. i have her third but have not read it yet.

you and i have similar tastes. are you an Anne tyler fan?

Anonymous said...

You read a lot of interesting books and thanks for the recommendations.

CJ xx

Babaloo said...

Gah, you can't do that. Write about books and then push me towards the Book Depository again. I have now registered and started a wish list. I suppose it's just a matter of time until I will break my own vow of not buying any new books until I've cut my To Be Read pile in half...
Your fault! ;-)

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. A very dramatic photograph!

A very interesting dream as well. I love dreams like that. Full of symbolism and meaning.

Free worldwide shipping is quite something! Because usually when buying things online the postage is the problem. I have so often paid more in postage than I paid for the thing I was having posted!

Bearfriend xx