Friday, January 01, 2010

Lobster Soup.

I had lobster soup for dinner and it even had some real pieces of lobster floating in it. It was delicious and I finished all of it, as opposed to what the Exfactor assumed, that I would have to eat it in two portions. Ha ha, he doesn't know the size of my stomach. Soup passes my gastric band easily and goes straight down where it belongs, in the warm cavity of my real stomach where it very happily gets digested. Goodness, that feels good. Now I need a real lobster tail with some melted butter for afters. Or a delicious vanilla pudding, homemade, still warm from the cooking. See what happens to me when you give me good food? I get a hunkering for more. I'm going to raid the cupboards in a while to see what I can come up with. I can always drink green tea with lemon and sugar. That should settle my cravings for something sweet.

It was a day dedicated to sleep. Well, what else is new, right? After I typed my post this morning, I took my book and laid down on the sofa and pretty soon was sound asleep with a cat lying on top of me. This was not the most comfortable way to sleep as I had to keep the cat from toppling off. I woke up and walked the dog in the little bit of snow that was falling and then crawled under the duvet in my bed where I slept a few more hours. This was all very pleasant and meant that I wasted my whole day in a slumber. It couldn't be helped. Sometimes that's all I am capable of.

When I took the dog out again, there were a couple of centimeters of snow and there's more to come tonight and maybe tomorrow. Then again, it may rain and it will all turn to slush. Right now it looks very pretty and unspoiled, but it may not last. Winter is fickle so far.

Now the dog and I are very pleasantly sitting here by the light of the desk lamp. Actually, the dog is now trying to dig a hole into the area rug before he lies down comfortably. He just can't seem to get it right. The rug is not co-operating at all. This is causing the dog to feel some distress and he keeps walking away in frustration.

My older sister just called from up north where they are really having winter and lots of snow and much colder temperatures. We are at -3C now and she was at -10C. Those few 100 kilometers make a lot of difference. They've had snow and frost for a while now, while we have had relatively mild temperatures.

Well, it's time to go to bed. I hear it calling me ever so softly. I can't wait to get under the covers and sleep. It is my favorite thing to do, after all. I'm like a hibernating animal in the wintertime, burrowed deep into my den.

Have a good night!



laurie said...

lobster soup and new year's snow. a lovely start to the year, dear.

VioletSky said...

starting off the new year with lobster soup sounds wonderfully decadent to me.

I am sitting here eating fudge - I receeved an assortment box that has to be eaten by Jan 10th (so it says) and I've just discovered that 1/4 of them are Malt Whisky flavoured - yummm.

Gail said...

Sounds like a wonderful beginning to the new year.

Angie said...

I don't think I could cope with your cold weather, although Lobster soup & a snuggle up with a cat sounds good. Instead of sugar with green tea try honey. Hope this year is good to you, make sure you are good to yourself FIRST.
BTW very taken with all your images, can you tell me more about them.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Hi Angie, all my images come from They are randomly shown there and I just look through them until I find the ones I like and download them. I go for the darker, moodier ones, usually. Not the pretty, obvious pictures. That's all I can tell you about them.


Maggie May said...

Can't say that I have ever tried lobster soup but it does sound tasty.
I have gone off all sweet things!

Nuts in May

Babaloo said...

It sounds like a great New Year's Day to me! xxx

Frances said...

I love the illustration. Where did it come from? Happy New Year Irene. Thanks for your card which arrived today.
Wishing you more of your adventures in 2010. Love and hugs

Chic Mama said...

Happy New Year to you...
Mmmm, lobster soup sounds delicious.