Sunday, January 03, 2010

Toward the end of the day...

The snow is still here and it is now -6C. That's not that very cold, of course, as winters go, but it is cold enough for me and I'm glad I'm sitting inside with my warm sweater on. It's going to be freezing for the next few days, although I don't think there's going to be more snow. It isn't forecast anyway. Underneath the snow the streets are icy, so great care needs to be taken when crossing them.

I went back to bed this morning and slept a few more hours. I think that's because of the medication I take and the fact that maybe I just need more sleep than the average person. I do think that the medication makes me sleepy, though, but I think that's a small price to pay for sanity. If that's all it does to me, then I'm not concerned. I don't notice me being depressed. The only thing I'm battling with now is this anxiety about going places.

The Exfactor came here this afternoon and went to the store for me. Much to our disappointment, he found out that all the supermarkets were closed and that only the smaller convenience store at the train station was open and he was only able to buy me milk and coffee. Well, that was something anyway and I sure appreciated his effort, especially considering the weather.

I was out of cat food, but I did have one brand of dried dog food that the cats like and I gave them that to eat and they were happy with it. I was out of treats for the dog that he always gets when we get home from our walks or when he's done a piddle out back, but I had some other very good semi-dried dog food, very chewy and delicious, and I took a handful of that and fed it to him. Well, he loved it so much, that when it was gone, he went to the bag and wanted more of it, so I put some in a little bowl and hand fed him until he had enough of it. So you see, it all depends on how you present the food and he liked it as long as I gave it to him personally. Talk about getting his nutrients in.

Luckily, I had some porridge left and made myself a big bowl of that and now I'm full until tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow I have to go to my SPN and my psychiatrist. I will do this, because those are two of the things I am the least scared of doing. I know that I'm going to a safe place. Now the supermarket and the little post office are right on the way. So on my way home, I can stop by there and mail some packages and do my groceries. That's the plan, anyway. I should be able to do this, since I'm out on my bike already and I barely have to make a detour. I just have to turn left sooner than I normally would. So far, this is not putting the fear of God in my heart and I think I will pull it off, but it is at the actual moment of departure that I will know the real answer. In a little while, I will hang the shopping bag with the packages on my handle bars and I will put my shopping list in my purse.

And you know what the best thing is? Very soon after that, I get to go to bed! Yup, that's what I'm looking forward to. I'm sitting here with a pain in the middle of my back and I won't feel that when I'm lying down. I will put my warm flannel pajamas on and be snug and comfortable under my duvet. What do you mean, a sexy negligee? No such thing for me! It's warmth and comfort that I want. If Prince Charming comes along, I'll consider wearing a tiara.

Have a nice evening, everyone. I'm going to find a snack.



Maggie May said...

Cycling on snow? Hope the Netherlands keep their roads gritted not like here. I think the Council has used its quoter as nothing is getting gritted and I feel a prisoner at the moment.

Nuts in May

Debi said...

Flannel pajamas and a tiara! Any Prince Charming worth his weight in nightwear would adore you in such an outfit.

Gail said...

Do be careful!

Maureen said...

Oh yes, flannel over negligee any day for me too!

But the tiara remark made me snort!

I prefer snow to ice; at least you can get a grip, either walking or driving.

Take care.

Wisewebwoman said...

Take care dear GSW!!!
I love me my PJs and would wear them all the time... well, actually I kinda do....

Elaine said...

When a man makes an effort with his night time attire, I may consider doing so as well.

Be careful on the ice, won't you? x

aims said...

Make sure you check Prince Charming's credentials. You don't just want any old Prince Charming. You want THE Prince Charming. (although I'm not sure how you determine that)

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. Hope your day has gone well and you managed to get everything done. I know what you mean about appointments like that being safe. I am always able to get out to see my CPN and do some shopping afterwards - the positive effect of having seen her lasts for a while.

I have missed being able to comment - I have no connection at all for 5 days. I am out in the pub now due to having seen my healer - first time I have been out this year!

Bearfriend xx

Twain12 said...

Hope everything went well ♥