Thursday, August 01, 2013

Yes ma'am, dares and double dares.

I am practically in a coma, having woken up because I had to go to the toilet and then stubbornly staying up. I know I will be alright in a little while, but it is the suffering I do until I get there that is the hardest. Of course, you mustn't take me seriously when I say that, because I exaggerate, but I am desperately waiting for this cup of coffee to do its work. This is actually my second one and the line between being awake and asleep is a fine one indeed.
I started off sitting here with my bathrobe on but, of course, it is much too warm. My bathrobe is only handy when it is freezing outside and it is certainly not doing that now. I don't know if I am looking forward to that, but I can tell you that being too hot is not much of a pleasure either. There's some question every morning as to what clothes to put on for the day, because it may start out nice and cool, but by the afternoon, it can be sunny and hot again. The best thing to do, is to wear layers that can be peeled off.
After having taken the low dose tranquilizer for several days in the afternoon, I think I am going to have to stop with it, because it makes me feel a bit depressed and insecure. It was alright when I took it for whatever stress I felt, but that is over now and I don't think it's a good idea that I keep taking it. It's too easy to fall into the habit of using it all the time and not realizing what the side effects are. You start thinking that you have an emotional problem when it is really due to the use of the tranquilizer.
I very much like my haircut and my hands keep reaching up to touch it. My hair is staying in place very well and that is always a sign that it has been cut well. I don't have to use any hairspray anyway. I think it was washed with a lightening shampoo, because I noticed last night that it was a bit blonder, or should we say, greyer. I have so much silver in my hair that it is hard to tell. I like the color and hope to achieve that myself.
I am awake now and fully capable of functioning. I had a glass of lemonade too for the sugar. Now I will see what other kind of trouble I can get into. Whatever I do, I have to do it silently so as to not wake up the neighbors.


Wisewebwoman said...

I too am up late as I find Wednesdays and the long drive out from the city avoiding any moose that might pop out very tiring and then I get home and I'm wired for sound.
I'm not happy about it though as I like more regularity now in my sleeping hours.

Z said...

i love a daytime nap when I haven't had enough sleep at night. Glad you like your haircut. I get mine cut every few weeks because I like it just so and only have half an inch cut at a time!