Saturday, August 31, 2013

An odd day...

The first thing I did yesterday morning after walking Tyke, was go to the grocery store to frugally do the week's shopping. I had very carefully made a shopping list that covered all the week's meals that would be nutritious but not too expensive. It included buying fresh vegetables which I am trying to eat every day.
When I got to the check out stand, and had to pay for the groceries, it turned out that I had spent exactly the week's budget with not a dime to spare. Talk about living on the edge.  I am actually trying to spend less than that so I can give myself a little room in case of the unexpected. Next week I am going to shop at the grocery store that is supposed to be cheaper, although it is farther away from my apartment.
I think my knee is in good enough shape to venture a larger distance from home as long as I don't go up any inclines, and I will plan my route accordingly. When I have done the shopping for one week, I have both carrier bags filled along with two shopping bags that I hang on my handlebars. That means I am perfectly balanced and can make the ride home easily. It shouldn't be too bad to have to go a little bit farther. Besides, it's amazing what you can do when forced by the circumstances.
I was unable to buy the authorized trash bags and the postage stamps that I am almost out of. I am borrowing two trash bags from the Exfactor until I can buy some myself and hope I won't yet need the stamps.
I spent the day doing the odd chore and taking care of some paperwork. The thing is, though, that I felt uneasy the whole time as if I didn't have things quite under control. I think it is the worry about my finances that upset me, but I also think that I worry about them too much. The feeling didn't leave me until after I had walked Tyke in the evening and I had a real sense that the weekend had started. I really do feel like I have those two days off when I don't have to worry so much and can relax a bit.
I don't know what happened to living 'in the moment' which I seemed to make an effort to do in the near past, but I don't seem to do much of it lately. I am constantly keeping my mind occupied with either the computer, or the sound of the radio, or the images on the television. I very seldom have everything turned off just to enjoy the silence and the solitude of my own company. I sure don't stare off into the middle distance much anymore.
I do very much keep up to date on what is going on in the world and am immediately informed of the latest news and worldwide opinions. At least I feel that I can form a realistic point of view about things. I am glad that I am a European and that I get my information from a number of different sources and not just my own country's news broadcast.


Gail said...

So glad your knee is healing.

Maggie May said...

Glad to hear that your knee is doing well.
Hope you will find a cheaper shop for groceries.
I am dismayed how everything is going up in price.
Maggie x

Nuts in May