Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Looking for love...

I sent my psychiatrist an email letting him know the present doses of all my medication and the fact that I had cut back on the caffeine. I also asked him when he thought I could further reduce the antipsychotics since I had done that successfully so far. He called me yesterday afternoon to talk about everything and get a good feel of how I was doing. We agreed that I would wait with making any further reductions until he came back from his vacation, which will be on the first of September. I have an appointment with him that first week, when he and I will get a good idea of the state of affairs.  
The skin on my hands and fingers is still itching and peeling, although I am applying the ointment. I think it is the wrong ointment and that I need something else. My hands have become very dry and I think I need to get some Nivea to rub into my skin. I have tried some other lotion, but it is not doing the job. I had already made an appointment with the female GP about the osteoarthritis, so she can look at my hands at the same time. Because my joints are so painful, and I don't know if the supplements I am taking are actually good for it, I thought I had better get some professional advice.
When I go grocery shopping, my list of things to get is not very long and pretty simple. I have found the foods that I like to eat and that are healthy and good for me. I enjoy preparing them and eating them, but I know there will come a day when I will grow tired of them and I will have to find other foods to like. I buy potatoes that are almost crumbly and fix those with Italian herbs on them and they are a real treat. Instead of ketchup or mayonnaise, or any other kind of dressing which my stomach does not tolerate, I eat applesauce with all my food and I simply adore it. Eating has become a treat as a result and it used to be such a tortuous event.
I took 500 mg of paracetamol a while ago and it is now starting to work. It doesn't take care of all the pain, but some of it anyway. I will be more comfortable when I go back to bed. I will have to start taking it every night before I go to sleep as a precaution, because I think it is also my painful joints that wake me up. There is really only one position I am comfortable in when I sleep, but I do find myself in other ones when I wake up. And, of course, I also have to make room for Tyke and Gandhi who, very companionably, share the bed with me.  


Anonymous said...

My hands get all cracked and rough from regular hand soap but I switched my hand wash soap Palmolive dish soap and my problem went away. Creams or vaseline never worked. I don't know if they have Palmolive where you live but it may be worth a try.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think I'd go crazy if I had that kind of skin damage AND cut back on caffeine. You are brave.

Maggie May said...

Sorry to hear about the osteoarthritis pain. I know only too well what its like.
I can't use anything with lanolin in it as it causes irritation. Nivea contains lanolin but if you're not allergic then it will probably be OK.
I swear by E45 lotion.
Hope things improve.
Maggie x

Nuts in May