Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Over the top.

I am enjoying the food that I eat too much and gaining weight. I immediately have to put a halt to it and stop making such a glutton of myself. There is no need for me to eat two equally filling and oversized meals every day and I have to drop one of them, no matter how much I enjoy eating both of them. I have been very indulgent with myself and acting like it didn't matter because it was all so 'healthy,' but you can also eat too much of what is good for you. I will no longer go through life with blinders on and change the eating habits that are only newly acquired. And that's an executive decision.
I am sure glad that I made up my mind about that.
I got out the bottle of baby lotion yesterday and applied the lotion to my hands three times and it helped just a little bit. The skin is still dry and peeling, but I think I see a tiny improvement. You've got to be optimistic about these things and see the glass half full.
I was taking vitamin tablets every day and supplements for my osteoarthritis, but things only seemed to get worse and I thought I was having more pain with each progressive day. Yesterday, I did not take any of them and had less pain. Now, this may only have been a coincidence and, of course, it is not a scientific study, so I really can't draw any conclusions from it. And to tell you the truth, as I sit here, my shoulders are starting to bother me quite a bit. I think I will not take any of the tablets anymore until I have seen the GP and hear what she has to say. I will not play doctor myself.
Tyke found a fantastic, big, round , fat, colorful tennis ball on the field yesterday and proudly brought it home. It is now his favorite ball to play with and he takes great care of it. When I ask him where his best ball is, he immediately gets it and reluctantly shares it with me so we can play catch in the apartment. Sometimes the ball ricochets of a piece of furniture and goes in a direction I had not expected, but we have not broken anything yet.  


Maggie May said...

Have you tried cod liver oil capsules? I think they take a while to get into your system.
The baby oil sounds like a good idea.
Hope it helps.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Friko said...

Too bad about eating too much. I know how easy that is. And why does too much food get on the hips so quickly when eating less never seems to make any difference.

For very dry skin I use Penaten ointment. But it is of course very thick and only for nighttime, perhaps with gloves.