Monday, August 05, 2013

A much better thing to do.

Before I went to sleep last night, I did not take a tranquilizer along with the low dose sleeping pill like I had been doing, and I am glad that I didn't. Once I got up again. I felt ever so much better and I slept the same amount of time, and just as well, as if I had taken it. Even though I have used tranquilizers off and on for many years, it seems that I never do get used to them, and they always affect me very much. I must never underestimate their strength, even when I take them at the lowest dose.
I am trying to decided how much I am affected by the decrease of the dose of my antipsychotic medication, and there are times during the day that I think I am somewhat. I can't be too sure though, and these may be natural fluctuations that I have anyway and now am more aware of.
I had a great need to sleep yesterday and took quite a few naps. I would get up and piddle around for a while and think I was done sleeping, only to find that I had a desire to go back to bed. Maybe I was getting caught up on all the sleep that I didn't get during the week before. It's best to give in to this desire, because if I don't, I start to think that there is something emotionally wrong with me and all it is, is a need for sleep.
I've got terribly itching hands and I suppose it is a case of dermatitis. It's nearly impossible not to want to scratch them, but I do have a very good ointment that helps that I can apply twice a day. The worst itching is on the spots where I had those warts removed last year and I hope this is not a sign that they are returning. The good thing is, that the ointment also works against that.
I suppose I will go back to bed for a while to sleep some more. I've got to decide what to wear in the morning and I sure as heck hope that it's not going to be another hot and uncomfortable day. I hate to say it, but I am looking forward to autumn, but then I do hope that winter doesn't come for a very long time.

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