Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thank goodness for small favors.

The orthopedic surgeon told me that I have not torn my meniscus again, even though it does feel like that. He says that when I tried to get up with Tyke in my arms, I jammed my kneecap into my thighbone and that caused some damage. I already wondered why I had such a painful spot on the other side of my knee.
It will take some time for it to heal. In the meantime, I am not supposed to kneel down or climb stairs, nor do any heavy lifting or any heavy bike riding. That means not going up any inclines, but I had already planned on that. If it feels better, I can wear the elastic brace, and it does feel better because I already tried it.
I was very much relieved that I did not have to have another operation and could have kissed both his cheeks. I shook his hand instead and I sincerely hope that this will be the end of this story.
Because I had to wait such a long time for my appointment with the rheumatologist, I made an appointment with one at another hospital not too far from here. It is for the 20th of September and that makes the difference of more than one month. This hospital has a good reputation and the specialists are at least as good as the ones at the university hospital. I am sure that I will be in good hands.
I have been wearing dresses exclusively and it is funny how you go through periods when you prefer one type of clothing more than the others. I have all kinds in my closet and dresser and can change my mind about what to wear whenever I want. That is because I had to get a new wardrobe after I had lost all that weight.
I thoroughly enjoy wearing dresses now and before that it was skinny jeans. I do have to say that wearing the dresses makes me feel very feminine, although I never do look butch. I look around me and see lots of other women wearing dresses too and think what a nice thing that is and that we have the weather to thank for that. But I plan on wearing them way into the colder season too and then layered with other pieces of clothing.
I have put some weight on and look better than that skinny thing that I was. I can sit on my rear end without it hurting.  

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Connie Rose said...

Glad your knee is not torn again, but ouch! I thought you lived in an upstairs apartment, but guess I was wrong...or else you've got an elevator in your building.
I haven't worn dresses or skirts for eons...what I hate about them is that you've got to wear something on your legs and something between you and the dress/skirt, like a slip. I hate all of that stuff. It'll be jeans for me forever!