Monday, August 26, 2013

The garden of the imagination.

Yesterday afternoon, my sister and I went to a sculpture exhibit in a small village not to far from where she lives. It was on the grounds of a beautifully restored farmhouse in the garden and fields around it. There were the works of about 12 sculptors and I have to say that most of it was wonderful and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. There was work in stone and bronze and wood and ceramic and almost all of it was way out of our price range, but we pretended it wasn't.
The desire to see and experience beautiful things prompted me to look up future events in the area for the next few months. I went to the website of the tourist board and looked up what they had to offer and discovered quite a few interesting things and filled them in on the proper dates in my agenda. Most of them are for free and some cost just a small amount of money. The ones that are for free have my preference, of course.
Next weekend. there are concerts in the park and I will go to that alone, because my sister will be helping my nephew move to the city he will attend university in. I don't mind going by myself and, as a matter of fact, will probably enjoy the music more when I am not distracted by the presence of another person. I remember going to this event before with my sister and we did nothing but walk around and chat and ended up having drinks at an outdoor cafĂ©.
I have been using paracetamol and a high dose of ibuprofen nonstop for a while and yesterday evening, I decided to stop using them to see where exactly all these aches and pains are again. I want to try and go without for a while and see exactly how bad it gets so I can let the rheumatologist know this when I go to see him/her. The fingers to my right hand are swelling up as I sit here and are starting to look like sausages. My knee is feeling quite sore also. Slowly but surely, everything is starting to hurt again.
Pain is not a good companion and highly distracting, keeping your mind off the job that you're trying to do. I mist end this monologue now and return to my bed.


Z said...

I hope you got some sleep.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to indulge in some culture! We don't do that nearly often enough here...